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Testing Ground


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I've completed all quests for the 1st area including killing the Presence... Rhawl (spelling) has given me the quest to take the road to the next area.


I have not killed any "locals", but I have "taken" an item or two from cupboards...no one caught me.


My problem is...


Even thought I have the Quest to go see Master Phipps and give him the "humming stone", he attacks me when I try to enter his shop.


I have the "stone" in my inventory... No matter what I've tried, he attacks me the minute I open his door.


Also, the only area open in the Testing Ground is the "crazy, mad mind" on the pedestal...


What do I do about Master Phipps.


Spiderware doesn't answer, nothing on any Forum or Web search regarding Master Phipps.


I can find nothing about the Testing areas or the NPC's I'm supposed to be able to see there...Every area ( in the first part of the game) has been turned "green" except the Testing Ground....


Help..... thanks

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Leave the zone, type shift-d to bring up the cheat code box, and then enter:




This makes all of the areas in the game forget your crimes. If you were hated there, you won’t be anymore. Note that certain crimes (stealing artifacts, killing major characters) won’t be forgotten.


All that you get is access to an anvil to add runestones to items and some loot from his bedroom.

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"pleaselikeme" is a great way around Master Phipps.... thanks for the tip



But, what about the area for the Testing??


No Testing Ground doors open..The "mind" back in town won't give me traveling supplies unless I pass the tests...


Probably not that important, but I'd like to clear my "quest list"....




........update...... pleaselikeme....didn't work. Screen displayed...."all except major crimes will be forgiven"..... but, he still attacks.


I didn't steal any artifacts, or kill anything but the "mad mind" in the Testing area.... so I don't know what his issue is...I can still get access to his forge even if I kill him, but I didn't want to do that...


We tried.... is Master Phipps the reason the Testing area won't open???

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Hi... thanks for all the feedback.


Another piece of the puzzle.... I didn't kill the "mad mind" until after I read some of these posts.


I only killed him to see if Phipps would change to "nice" after I did, in case he wanted me to kill him. He didn't, so I reloaded with the Mad Mind still alive....and Phipps is still mad....


So, sad to say, that's not it... the Mad Mind is alive.... Phipps is pissed...... and the Testing areas are all still closed..


The Mad Mind attacked me when I went into the room with him.... I didn't attack him... the computer changed to "fight" mode as soon as I entered the room...I had no choice if I wanted to get to the small rooms past him.


I can kill Phipps and just use his Anvil... but I didn't want to do that... Also, I'd like access to the Testing area and it's locked.


The heck with Phipps... I don't know what's going on...


Does anyone know why the Testing Area is locked...


Thanks again to all.....

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The Mind in the Testing Area unlocks the doors to go through the tests.


Once you get friendly NPCs hostile they all usually go hostile. The cheat code should make the whole zone neutral again if done outside the zone before entering it. This should stop the Mind from attacking you. The roamers outside Phipps's building attack if you have the humming crystal. There are also a few hostile clawbugs. But these shouldn't make NPCs hostile.

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