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G2 - Crafters?

dave s

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I haven't been able to find a conclusive list of every person who crafts an item and the recipes. Matt P.'s FAQ has most I think, but it's spread out by area and hard to search for as he doesn't use consistant names for items (i.e. claw of the demon vs demon claw vs demon's claw). He also isn't very specific ("He offers to make a powerful belt for...") so it's hard to know whether it's worth it or not.


Does such a list exist? The hardest part of playing these early games is not having access to the same strategy posts as later games have with all of this info in a concise, easy to use format.

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Hmm...I should type this up and add it to the strategy peripheral...


Infiltrator's Ring: made by Sharon in Sharon's Grove, needs pure crystal shard, purified essence, and rogue drayk tendon.


All-Protector: made by Lindian in Marsh Crossroads. Needs purified essence, black crystal powder, and perfect glaahk scale.


Emerald Chestguard: made by Darian in Darian's Sanctuary. Needs perfect glaahk scale, claws of a demon, and mutated gamma skin.


Creator's Belt: made by Shath in Shath's Waste. Needs claws of a demon, deep focus orb, and vial of blood poison.


Note that for each of these items, the item's crafter tells you exactly which ingredients they will need.



Crafting Components

Pure crystal shard: Crystal Caverns

Purified Essence: Sharon's Grove, Phariton's Hall

Rogue Drayk Tendon: Clockwork Maze

Perfect Glaahk Scale: Creation Holding, Loyalist Encampment

Black Crystal Powder: Crystal Mine

Claws of a Demon: Pit of the Bound One, Demonic Depot

Mutated Gamma Skin: Out Gazak-Uss

Deep Focus Orb: Warren of the Three

Vial of Blood Poison: Icy Breeding Pit

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There are some other crafting as well:


Bernard South Rising Road will make a Shaped Breastplate if you bring him 10 Mined Crystals, a Steel Breastplate and Demon's Bile.

Maynard in Triola will make a Shaped Blade if you bring him an Emerald, a Steel Sword and Mandrake Tincture.

Learned Versa in Rising North Gate will make a Restoration Pod/Spores from a Healing Pod/Spores, a Swamp Spores and an Amphora.

Symon in Zhass-Uss Outskirts will make wands from an ingredient (Mandrake Tincture, Demon's Bile, Wiry Moss or Saltweed), a stick and 10 Mined Crystals.


Note that AFAIK there are only 12 Swamp Spores and you need one of them for a quest.


Edit: Ooops, her name is Symon. Also, Maynard will only make one Shaped Blade, whereas the others can be repeated as long as you have the ingredients.


Edit 2: There are 15 Swamp Spores, 3 are found in Beneri-Uss Entry IIRC.

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