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G4 - code for changing alignment?

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I made it to the end of the game, but when I destroy the Unbound, my ending still has me ending up exiled, even though I didn't use canisters and Alwan and Miranda are still alive. The ending says I wasn't loyal enough to the Shapers. Every other ending action I can take (i.e. besides destroying the Unbound) gets me executed. So, for example, I get executed when I try to take the Trakovite route (high power but wrecked machinery). So, what is the code / how do I input it to change my alignment so the Shapers will think I was boocoos loyal, just so I can see that ending.


I have a save in the warrens before I trigger the endgame, and plan to play through the ending sequence as a rebel too. I'm not sure how that will turn out (curious if my Trakovite route will have a different outcome if get to that point on the Rebel side).


Random question: on the western side of the final zone, there's a control panel. One button deactivates the security lock that keeps me from adjusting the power (for the controls on the other side of the zone). There are two other obscurely labeled buttons - any idea what they do?



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try ihateserviles ? If that doesn't work I could upload my ending save, it's exactly what you want.


Apparently that loyalty code doesn't work in G4. I'd love to see your save. I had no idea playing through the game that I'd be penalized in the ending for not being loyal enough to one side or other. Ah well.

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Huh. Doesn't work for me - just causes the game to freeze up while trying to load the game... Bah. Oh well. A meh to conclude G4 somewhat matches my overall meh feelings about the game. It's not bad, by any means, but not nearly as much of an improvement over G3 as I was expecting. The two factions were a bit better presented (i.e. much easier to sympathize with the rebels than in G3), the AP system was improved (no more need-5-to-attack), and there was no annoying boat travel system (yay yay yay!). In some ways I think I would still say G3 is more...I don't know, enjoyable overall? I feel like this was probably the most difficult of the first four Geneforge games. I always play on Normal, and never in G1, G2, or G3 did I struggle as much as I did this time around with the combat. I think I died more, and it just took longer to kill stuff.

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Welp. Are you on a Mac ? Saves probably aren't compatible, can't think of anything else.


These should be the relevant slides you haven't seen.





And while I overall agree that G4 is meh, I don't agree that the rebels are any more sympathetic. They are just simply present from the beginning which is such a big improvement to G3 where it really took till Gull to meet some rebels (Lankan et al don't count). And weird that you found this the most difficult of the first four, I feel the opposite. I can go till somewhere around Derenton Freehold on Torment without dying or reloading, I find it to be way too easy.


Now G5, that's something else. Couldn't beat Samman and the Pairbound Construct on friggin normal this time as a singleton, way too annoying.

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