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What are the Factors to Getting on Gamebanshee?

GoodOld Jack

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Will the people on game banshee ever consider putting Jeff's newer games on their site. Avadon's graphics aren't too bad and also thats the most recent game I completed and enjoyed. Although, retraining my character was how I enjoyed the play through as I blundered the whole party with dexterity, lol. If some of the other Indie companies can get on there whats to say Jeff can't? If the determining factor is graphics then the newer games are pretty decent. I know this isn't the factor but if story is one of them, then the only game that can beat out jeff's games is Planescape Torment and Baldurs Gate. Other than that, the other games are good but story wise, jeff is in his own league.

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Usually it needs to get enough popularity with a lot of people for it to be considered for a guide section under banshee network. The guide is different in that they review the whole game with the ability to get help from. When they review its just a review. Im surprised Avadon and Avernum remake haven't gotten popular enough for them. They usually only make a guide on banshee's page with all the greats if the game is really popular.


I don't know. I could be wrong about all this as its hard to figure out their ideas. All I know is that its considered an honor to get on there as you'll notice not all rpg games are on there.

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