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A while back, I downloaded a scenario, "Thinshadow".

I don't see it anywhere any more. I assume because of:

1.) The biggest of the 7 words,

2.) Lots of reference to Skribbane, and

3.) It's really a "choppy" scenario.

However, I've played it through, including all but a couple of the side quests.

Is there anyone else out there who may have played it and might give me a hint on the last couple of items I'm looking for?

For openers, where do I find the Nephil who stole the Spell Book from the Mage in White Bridge?

Any help would be muchly appreciated.

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I sent an E-mail to the listed Author's address and it didn't bounce back, so I have to "assume" he's "out there" somewhere but just doesn't want to respond.

The "cursing" is in several areas and, IMNSHO, really just detracts from the scenario. None of the instances are relative to the story line and, truthfully, make it an "R", rather than a "PG", or even a "G", assuming that killing Monsters is "acceptable" to make it a "G". It would seem that he only put it in because, "he could".

I know my playing abilities are limited, but there are a couple of items that I simply cannot resolve and wish I could.

This scenrio is complex and could be a great scenario, but it's hard to follow. If I didn't know better, I'd think that one of the better Authors wrote this while "buzzed" with Skribbane just as a "lark", then signed it with an "Alias".

I've found a few scenarios like this; potentially really good scenarios, but lacking in "finish".

Maybe this is the one that catapults me to a better understanding of how this system works. :rolleyes:

Thanx for the reply.

I think I'm gonna dig into this thing a little deeper.

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The "Walk Through" posted @ True Site is the one that comes in the "zipped" package of the scenario.

Of all things to "give away, these are the three actual "Missions" given you by Queen Magress, which is the core of the scenario. Do the three and it's "Game over!"

There are numerous "Side Quests", too. I have a couple dozen areas and, at least a dozen Quests listed on one of my many sheets of notes. Also, in addition to the couple dozen "Special Items" the Author lists, he put a handful of other items, or "prizes", not listed. Some are downright, "Dandies".

It just seems a shame to have done all this for what's going to end up, a "waste". That's why, as I said above, I think it's time for me to dig deeper into this Spiderweb thingy-do, learn how it works and see if I can do something about this scenario. ;^} If only for my own satisfaction.

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