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Dialogue problem


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For some reason, this node doesn't show up in dialogue. In other words, the question doesn't show up when it should. A previous node did have "nextstate = 13" so I know that isn't the problem. Can someone tell me what's going on?



begintalknode 15;

state = 13;

personality = 1;

nextstate = 14;

condition = 1;

question = "What are your specials?";

text1 = "_Why, my specials include varieties of powder! Wouldn't you like to see?_";

text3 = "_Why, my specials include magic shields! Wouldn't you like to see?_";

text5 = "_Why, my specials include Vahantai weapons! Wouldn't you like to see?_";


code =




if (get_flag(54,0) == 1) || get_flag(27,0) == 1)


else if (get_flag(27,2 < 1)





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Use Alint to check any script for starters. You need to do this on a regular basis. Beware of its errors, it won't accept "fl_shimmers"...

Second, here you have missing parentheses, which I have indicated by square brackets: [ ]

if [(get_flag(54,0) == 1) || [get_flag(27,0) == 1)]


else if (get_flag(27,2] < 1)

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An article on Alint (and its errors) should be made "sticky" in this forum.

Presumably Alint would have spotted this error immediately.

If you use Alint it will report Invalid State for any state over 100. Now there are a lot of reserved special states in the interval 100 thru 115, but anything higher than that can be used.

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