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G4, where is the last puresteel ring?

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The last ring is in the ruins of Thornton, which is part of the Barrier Zone. Unless you are very good at stealth, or have a way to safely cross the Barrier Zone, it's not worth getting until later.


There are more puresteel rings in Burwood Province, but there is also another person who will trade them for canisters, so it's not necessarily beneficial to take them from Burwood to use the Illya Safehouse.

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I've managed to use my stealth skills to get the ring of puresteel. Obviously I have better stealth skills than i imagined. I didn't think I'd do as good as I did. :-).


Anyway, its a shame that the canister wasn't that good. Was hoping It'd be a Drayk or something. But that was made up for in the Rebel camp when buying the canisters from Jared. Anyway, I think I have it covered from here on. Thanks guys.

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