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ok, for example? I try to use Hex Workshop, but if I add only a byte in the file, in the game begin to appear strange character. I'd like to know if I can edit and add what I want, because in italian the phrases are longer than in english. I had problem in translating the object like bread, cloak, ecc. What will happen when I'll translate the speeches?

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Your sig points the way to Google, which is probably the last place you'd want to look for something. If you did manage to sift your way through porn, sites pretending not to be porn, sites offering "FREE PORN DOWNLOADS" as long as you click in a certain place and useless sites in seemingly lost languages, and actually found what you were looking for, you'd probably find that the page no longer exists. Google sucks, but then again, is that just google, or the internet?

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Originally written by dvoran:
PS: Excuse me for my horrible english! tonguetonguetongue
You don't know what horrible english is before you have read french mails composed in english. When ever I try to read their english I soon find myself with a de-crypter and thousands of big question marks flying above my head, then I copy their french text (In most mails I received from someone in France they have it both in english and in french.) and translate it with babelfish. At that point I go all "AHA!" and then I suddenly find out that he/she was talking about rules and not about riding clans (I still have no idea why they say "Let's ride this game!" instead of "Let's go for it!").
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