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Avernum 2 Graphics prob


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In Avernum 2 while outside of towns group image backgrounds (my group, monster, etc) dont seem to be transparent (or images seem to be missing), instead all groups have a large white block behind them.


I had no such problems with Avernum 1

Im running on Windows 95

800 * 600 resolution, 32 bit colors (also tried 16 bit)


I installed the game to the default Directory (c:\program files\avernum 2) (13 files 1 sub directory)


in the subdirectory (\data) there is 387 files

(383 .bmp files and 4 .dat files)


Anyone come across this same problem/know of a solution?

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I do, even though I have the screen resolution the game wants as a default anyhows.


Ive also tried playing without the resolution change, without special animations, and not full screen. neither seemed to work.


this white square around the groups really cheapens the whole effect of the game frown .

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