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You know, this is among my first visits to this forum, and I was reading through the Ideas topic, and I realized something.


I've got some nifty ideas for scenarios -- or ideas that could potentially be nifty, if done right.


The problem is that I will never make a competent scenario to go with them. Yes, I've designed 3 scenarios (perhaps as many as 5, depending on what you count as a scenario), but the ideas remain good.


If anyone else cares to share their ideas here, it's their perogative. Also, bear in mind that I make no guarantees as to how good any of these are; the last time I did any kind of collaboration with someone the result was 'Two Strands'.


So here goes.


* The Philosopher's Stone


Call it a material, a process, whatever -- but for whatever reason, matter synthesis has been discovered and is readily available in an Exile-tech world.


The result is, naturally, disaster on an unparalleled scale. Since it is possible to create mountains of gold from a handful of sand, there's obviously no need for riches -- or anything conventional economies need.


Where you go from there is your own business -- the angle I took, in which the only thing with any sort of scarcity is human life, thus leading to mass slavery -- is a little heavy-handed, but would be fun to work with. Plenty of potential conflict.


* The interactive party


A prefabricated party of more than one member which can dynamically be inserted into the plot of a story. Sounds tricky? Oh, it is! But hey, at least it's a little bit rewarding. Sorta.


Member 1, Ambrose, has 1 mage lore;

Member 2, Bertrand, has 3 mage lore;

Member 3, Card, has 5 mage lore;

Member 4, Donatello, has 10 mage lore;

Member 5, Engelbrekt, has Cave Lore;

Member 6, Famagusta, has Woodsman.


Now, it would be murder to program this, and it'd probably be better to work it on a smaller scale -- cutting out, say, Donatello and Card to slim it down to a modern 4 members, or ridding it of Bertrand to reduce it to a svelte 3.


If-then: Woodsman? If NO, F. is dead.

If-then: Lore? If NO, E. is dead.

If-then: Mage lore 19? If YES, break: A-D are alive. If NO:


If-then: Mage lore 18? If YES, A. and only A. is dead, break.

If-then: Mage lore 16? If YES, B is dead, break.

If-then: Mage lore 15? If YES, A and B are dead, break.

If-then: Mage lore 14? If YES, C is dead, break.

If-then: Mage lore 13? If YES, A and C are dead, break.

If-then: Mage lore 11? If YES, B and C are dead, break.

If-then: Mage lore 10? If YES, A, B, and C are dead, break.

If-then: Mage lore 9? If YES, D is dead, break.

If-then: Mage lore 8? If YES, A and D are dead, break.

If-then: Mage lore 6? If YES, B and D are dead, break.

If-then: Mage lore 4? If YES, C and D are dead, break.

If-then: Mage lore 3? If YES, A, C, and D are dead, break.

If-then: Mage lore 1? If YES, B, C, and D are dead, break.


Mage lore is not 1: A, B, C, and D are dead; break.


As it's 6 AM, it might well be that I have these reversed. In that case, work the other way around. The method should still work, though.


And as for integrating it into dialogue? Maybe you could set up a little timer that runs those checks every 3 turns, and increments flags as appropriate. The caveat is that the party could never change their statistics by trainer, or they'd have to be warned NOT to change Mage Lore or it'd ruin the scenario.


I'll get back to this tomorrow. (Or maybe not -- I'm not missing my own birthday party for it.) Until then, well...


Any thoughts?

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The Philosopher's Stone--I'll bet this will happen at some point in real life, given the pace of technology. You just need to take some mercury, take a proton out of each atom, and viola! Gold! laugh


The interactive party--There might have to be some other way to do this. What if the person playing the scenario trains their party and gets more mage lore? Major bug.


And, why, since these are your ideas, aren't you going to make a scenario utilizing them? confused

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