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It's calling...


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...The Nephils' Defense, I mean. It's calling for beta testers. And I'm helping it:p


Anyway, "The Nephils' Defense" is my second scenario. My alpha-testing is complete, and I'll send it to you as soon as possible after you sign up. The scenario is pretty short, but a little longer than FER. (Gee Bain, when are you ever going to make a big scenario?) :p


A few things to be aware of...


1. This scenario does use a pre-fab party. If you are on a MAC, I need a volunteer to make the .sav file for it. Please send it to me, and I will send the file to all other MAC testers and put it in the final download.


2. While this scenario is short, some of the battles are very tough. Be warned.


3. This scenario DOES HAVE A TIME LIMIT! Additionally, that time limit is very small (because the scenario is.) There are two side quests in this scenario, I THINK it MIGHT be possible to complete both side quests and still make the time limit. Unlike Za-Khazi, though, the scenario ends immediately if you don't make it.




If you are interested in testing this scenario, this is the info that I need from you:


Name (the name you wish to be referred to as in the credits)


E-mail Address


Platform (if you are on a MAC, say if you are going to take the time create the MAC pre-fab party and send it to me)


Previous Beta Experience


Previous Design Experience




Thanks to everyone who is volunteering to test. If you sign up, I will try to get it to you as soon as possible.

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Name: Terror's Martyr


E-mail Address: terrorsmartyr@wi.rr.com


Platform: Mac OS v10.2.8

(PS- Mac is not spelled with all-caps)


Previous Beta Experience:

Abyss by WKS

Inferno by WKS

Twilight by WKS

Malkriss by TGM

The Draining by Flamefiend

AC2 by Shyguy

Quint by BB

AC3 by Shyguy

Revenge by Creator

Spears by Stareye

At the Gallows by Stareye

Emulations by Stareye

Shadow of the Stranger by Drizzt

Tomorrow by Alcritas


(Not a lot...)


Previous Design Experience:

Streila Spies

Unbalanced Accounts

Inn of Blades


Echoes: Assault

Echoes: Black Horse

Echoes: Pawns


Echoes: Combat/Skirmish

Two Strands

Bandits II: Ballad of the Red Star

Roses of Reckoning (BoE)


The Claim

Roses of Reckoning (BoA)

Nebulous Times Hence

Emerald Mountain


(Also not a lot)

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