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I need a host for my new scenario...

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After the whole fiasco with the end of my new scenario, Secrets, I now am in need of a host...

If you can help me with this, feel free to respond.

I'll also need someone who can make a Mac version of Secrets.


(Hasn't been officially beta-tested, however I trust that Nikki would have reported any minor bugs while helping test out a pesky death call).

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Oh, I should have read this before sending a copy to Sylae... I take it that I would have to write down Jacob's statistics and have them just use the Character Editor to edit him the correct way?


Edit: Another thing: Would it be a good idea to have multiple people host Secrets? I'm just wondering since Sylae was sent a copy first, and Tyranicus's database seems very appealing, too.

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Okay, I'll be sure to remember that.

Speaking of keeping everything updated, apparently Mac users will have to manually make their own Jacob save file. I didn't know about this when I sent you a copy, so it won't have a stats file describing what skills to add and subtract.

Would I have to send you the stats file seperately, or just send you the file again with the stats file included?

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Well, yeah, but I was talking about the copy I sent Sylae. I was just a little worried that a Mac user would download Secrets from Sylae's link, thinking that it would come with the save file, and then see that they couldn't use it, and not be able to make their own.


Then again, I could just be worrying over nothing... rolleyes

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Originally Posted By: Jerakeen
Is Jacob supposed to have 65 unspent skill points? Not that it matters much, I just wondered.
When making the Mac character, I edited Jacob's stats with the Character Editor not realizing that would leave all his regular skill points available. I have now fixed the problem, and the version hosted on my site no longer has skill points to spare.
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