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This is starting to get frustrating...

Xan Kreigor

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I've mentioned before that I'm planning on making a scenario located in north-eastern Exile 2. I couldn't find anything with it readily downloadable so I decided to do it myself. I was on a roll, and my computer froze, I hadn't saved. So I re-started the whole thing and saved frequently, but I messed up with a cave wall, and made it one space too short, so by the time I realized my mistake I made to much progress and saved too many times for me to fix it without erasing the whole outdoors. I guess its all just part of the experience.

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Well, ACTUALLY, I've been working on total terrain replication of Exile 2 to run on BoE for about 3 years now and have successfully completed a small fraction. So far I've completely replicated all the towns in Chapter 1 of Exile 2, which should be just what you're looking for. They're all accurate down to the last space, only the use BoE graphics instead of Exile 2 graphics. So if you or anyone else wants them, send me an e-mail at darobinbot@mail.com



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