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Feeling dumb in Hagfen

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I searched and found several posts asking about how to open the door to the treasure room in Hagfen, and they all start with things like "after the room with the push blocks..." I can't find any push blocks! Or the alleged portal, or anything. There are some rooms that I can see via Piercing Sight but not access in the SE, and three doors with glass locks that I can't get through. Where do I go?

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You need to walk through walls. The room in the southeast has a secret door in about the middle of a north/south corridor. Beyond that door is a room with blocks and a few undead. There is also another room in the northeast that is a secret door and I think one more.


The glass gated doors are the reward key for doing the hags of Hagfen's quests. One leads to the Selkie pelts which also can be gotten by the block puzzle portal, the other two lead to scrolls for raising beast and craft circle levels in one character by 3. The Romans only get the kill Selkie chief quest, but the Celts in Nethergate: Resurrection get the quest to recover an skull from the Goblin Warrens in the northeast (the Romans got this quest in the original game).

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On rare occasions if a monster wanders into the spot on the other side of a wall, then you can't enter. Galag-Trav has that problem with rats. So keep trying.


The other 2 hidden areas are entered by going through a north corridor wall so you could try those for practice since I know that those are empty.

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