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Released: DISCORD


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(This should work for Mac and Windows: DOWNLOAD)


Ugh, where to begin.


Basically, as many of you here know, I started this project many years ago. MANY. Four, maybe five (maybe less; my sense of time is shot). I'm at the stage now where, if I don't let people see what I have, they're never going to get the chance to, at least for this scenario.


So, this. This is a beta release, similar to what Kelandon did for Nobody's Heroes - the scenario should be completable (and I've alpha-tested fairly extensively tonight), but it lacks a certain polish. Fights may be slightly out of balance (especially the last one). Rewards are not forthcoming. The ending is... not what I want to happen, but the closest I can approximate right now. I'm hoping the feedback I get from YOU will push me to make this 1.0, i.e., a releaseable version.


Also, and this is VERY important, with the exception of TGM, whose dialogue pics I stole, I have no idea where the artwork came from for this (other than things I self-edited), so if I've used your work, PLEASE TELL ME!


And please, IM me: (AIM: Saralfur), or email me (nikkisjeffery(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk) with ANYTHING you have to say on this.


And, I guess, thanks for playing. And sorry for making you wait so long.


Edit: Housekeeping: could you refrain from creating review threads, or hosting it elsewhere until it's finished properly? Ta.

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Considering the lack of feedback I've recieved so far, I'm assuming one of three things:


1) Everybody is too busy to play.

2) Nobody is interested in BoA.

3) The scenario is perfect.


Hopefully, it's just the first one; I am aware that it is finals season, and people have jobs, and so on. I've gotta say, at any rate, it's kind of disheartening to release something (which, admitedly isn't 100% there, but is better than some released scenarios) and get pretty much nothing back.


Anyway, I've finished for the summer now, so if anybody actually does want to play it and say something constructive about it, I now have time to actually make changes. If not, uh, I guess thanks for reading these posts?

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Well, to solve your little feedback dillema, I guess I could supply some.

First thing is that when I first started the scenario, apparently debug mode was still on.

For some reason, in the first trial in the hermit's cave, the statue of a man didn't have a script that allowed it to be observed.

Finally, nearing the end of the scenario, the combat at Lute could have been a little more detailed than Jinx and Aydin slaughtering a bunch of soldiers and captains, while you just had to kill a single captain.


Overall, pretty nice and unique scenario (not everyone gets to be trapped in a music box for all eternity). I hope there's going to be a sequel...

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I got burned out on BoA trying to finish my own scenario, and I've also played this before, so I wasn't rushing to do it again immediately.


However, I've noticed some weird bug that keeps putting my party in odd locations when I leave Lyre southward. I don't know what causes it because I can't find a way to reproduce it, but it's happened a few times now.

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Option #1 for me. This is my first weekend free since this was available.


Beta report (typos and other text mistakes are reported in angle brackets):

Click to reveal..

- Turn off debug mode (Otherwise, first popup won't appear)


- Bad cliff east side

- Jinx has no bonfire near her in-game

- Jinx missing end quote: <<...fireball though, oh no.>>

- <<occuper>>

- No intro text for Stitch

- <<It's enitrely implausible>>

- Aydin missing quotes: <<Do you want the poetic...>>

- Mace: <<musicbox>> (one word)

- Head south behind bakery, either end up in blackness or in building

- Ballad: <<What's is it you do here?>>

- Asking Ballad about hermit after killing him

West Lyre:

- Merchant: <<I Tank!>> (???)

Lyre Farmland:

- Cave floor in middle of crop?

Hermit Cave:

- Password guess is tough

- Can't look at statue in second room


- Can use end-combat trick to skip runes

- Extra quote: <<... off to a large building to the west.">>

- Guards don't move when hostile

- Also, combat is trivial, but this is an early release

- Bug: t7lute Error: Unmatched right bracket in line 119.

End sequence:

- After events in Lute, Ballad et. al. still in Town Hall

- Extra quote: <<... has changed to look like Ballad.">>

- <<Aria suddenly throws her headset backwards...>>

- <<... it's lid inset with a large ruby, and it's hinges snapped.>>

- Also, story-wise, there was no real way we could have seen that coming. Will the nature of the liars from Lyre be expanded on in the final release?

Typo check with astring, I'm repeating some mistakes I caught earlier:
Click to reveal..
// t0Lyre.txt


I'll glady explain it all to you. Now, how about finding you a place to sleep too, while I think of it?"


He turns to a man to his left. "There's a spare house west of the dias, isn't there? Go and prepare it for our newest neighbours." He turns back to you and smiles.


You look around, glancing at the heavy wooden boxes that line the far wall, before your eyes fall upon a tall, meancing-looking woman standing by the anvil. She nods to you, and sets down the large hammer she is holding.


You enter a messy, cramped room. Clothes are thrown haphazardly in one corner, and a fine layer of dust has settled over the floor in places.

Looking around, you can't find the owner/occupier of this building, but you assume they must be a tailor - there is no other explanation for the dressmakers dummies or the array of needles and pins.


// t0Lyredlg.txt


How did you end up inside the musicbox?


Stitch gestures across at Ballad. "Nothing that Ballad couldn't tell you. He's defended his cave against us all, but he doesn't know anyting about you, so you should be able to break in to see him, and get his help."


"Go outside, and look up. See the red disk? Does it look like the sun? No. That's because its not. It's a ruby that is set into the lid of the box. Or try the dias in Western Lyre - if you listen carefully you can hear the clockwork ticking."


He shakes his head. "It's enitrely implausible. But it's true. We're living inside a music box, and we can't get out."


"In some ways, it's nice. In other ways, well, lets just say it has it's drawbacks."


He swallows and looks at you. "I've been here for countless years, and we have never managed to get out (extra space). You are welcome to help, but I doubt you will succeed."


Ballad jumps up from his seat. "Amazing! We always thought the dias was useless! That's really a way out?!" He pumps you by the hand, before hugging Stitch and Aydin joyfully.


What's is it you do here?


// t1clearing.txt


This rune crackles slightly as you examine it, but is otherwise completely inert. Judging from its location to the runes you arrived on, it must have somthing to do with your presence here. You just have no idea what.


// t5ULyredlg.txt


Jinx looks at you with something other than open hostility for a moment. As soon as she speaks, though, it returns. "Yes, I've heard that you were going there. There's nothing I can tell you that Ballad hasn't already said, I'm sure. (Missing quote)


Jinx narrows her eyes. "Yes, it is true that I spent some time living there. However, the citizens there were content with being trapped in this place. Stuck here, for eternity. (Missing quote)


// t6Cave.txt


As you wind your way down the stairs your surroundings grow darker and more oppresive. After a few minutes, you reach the last step...


It explains, in no uncertain terms how you can escape from the box. Basically, if it is to be opened from the inside the dias in Lyre needs to produce a precise series of musical notes.


You gingerly step onto the rune. At first, nothing happens, but then you hear a rush of wind ahead, and a shade coalesces into reality before you.

Raising it's claws, it charges. Looks like you'll have to beat it to continue.


// t6Cavedlg.txt


The hermit suddenly becomes very animated. "I think not. You've been trapped in here for decades, and still haven't come to terms with it?!"

You try to get a word in edgeways,, but he continues before you can. "Why can't you be like the others, in Lute?! Well, I won't tell you I found a way! And I'll kill you for daring to steal the secret from me!"

"Nobody can be allowed to leave here! It's for our own good!" He lunges at you.


// t7lute.txt


"Welcome, stranger. My name is Sonnet, I watch over this humble village. Forgive me my rudeness, but what is your purpose here? We of Lute do not see eye-to-eye with the people of Lyre, and we so rarely get visitors."

There is a murmer from the crowd, and several people wave crude and dented weapons around a little. Calmly and politely, you explain that Ballad sent you, that a way out of the music box has been found, and that you are here for the Songstress.

Pst. Dais.



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