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I need help in error!!!


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After making my town with hardwork, I started to save then suddenly, a (da*n, sorry for swearing) error dialogue showed up and said something like:

To prevent future problems the program will now terminate. (can't quite remember what the first one said, though it's not that)

Then it said like: try giving BoA more memory

then the error code is 11 (error code:11)

It gave me a tip by giving BoA more memory, but how?

Help would be much appreciated


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The thing about memory is a red herring, I think. You're on Windows right? An error 11 while saving means that the game couldn't open a temporary file to write out the scenario data. Make sure that you have write permission for the directory where your scenario is located, and that there isn't another file in the way of the temporary file being written (I think the name it tires to use is scenario_name.bat instead of sceanrio_name.bas.)

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