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I'm trying to make my own scenario. I've got the story, scripting knowledge and almost everything. Only one thing blocks me from making it. It is a .txt document that is always before a dialogue script


z3goldcrag <---------- this one


that script... is just I don't know what it does and how do you put them in use. Can somebody tell me anything about it?

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That's the script specific to that town. Section 2.10 of the editor documentation covers this, but here's a summary: The town script contains the code for all of the town's special encounters. Initialization code that does things like setting characters' names also goes there (in the INIT_STATE), as does any code that the game needs to run each turn that the party is in that town (in the START_STATE). The best way to learn how it works is to pick out a town from an existing scenario (preferably one that isn't too complicated) and read through the script and see how the parts of it match up with what you see the game do when you play through that town. "t0Fort Talrus.txt" in Valley of Dying Things is a reasonable example.

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Originally Posted By: The Camper Van Helsing
Not in a rude way but, Idc about the new editor Err... I'm kind of used on the old editor...

Well, nobody is forcing you to use the new editor, but if you don't feel like going for the big change and using the very latest versions of the editor, this one is basically the same as the official editor, except that you can preview things in 3D - all the button layouts are the same, and you can still absolutely edit in 2D.
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