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How much of each skill needed?

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It's not possible to buy more barter than what you can get in the starting towns. So 1 level per person.


From my singleton Roman game:


Woodcraft 5 (I think that's what you need to do Adam's wolf quest)

Faerie Lore 5 but more helps

Herbcraft 8 gets all needed potions and you can buy most of it

Tool use (in one character) 8 with 2 more from items

Celts use spells for traps and locked doors so they can get by without it


I forget what rune reading wound up being but I think it was around 30 to learn all spells from books. It's easier in a 4 person party because you can get it from intelligence and druidism, etc.

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I'm suprised only 30 is needed since my level 1 party have 20 between them.


Celts with 1 intel, 0 druidism and nothing else seem to have 3 runereading on their own.


I would imagine it would be a huge pain for a single character, though.


Especially roman since they would have to invest in tool use too.

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