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New Idea for Leveling Monsters

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I recently made a system for a scenario I'm working on that automatically levels up all monsters in a scenario to around the party's level based on the creature's level itself. For instance, a level 25 creature is leveled to about the same level as the party, wheareas a level 5 is about half their level and a level 50 unit is twice as much.

Basically all I did was make a while statement that cycled through each creature, placed it on a point on the current map and then checked its level relative to that of the party. Then I used the call that levels all creatures of that type.

I thought that this system was nice for small scenarios where the reward could also be modified per level, like 10 to 20 different swords for a certain level group each. That way, you didn't have to find or make the right level party and you could reenter it with differents types and levels of parties.

Is there any interest in this kind of thing?

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Definitely. Niemand, Jemand and I (though really Niemand, I think, if I remember correctly) came up with something similar for an as-yet unreleased scenario. There may be examples in other scenarios too.


What you could do is upload the script somewhere, so that people can use it when they wish to make their own scenario (and hey, since you seem to have mastered scripting - arguably the hardest part of Blades design - maybe you could make a scenario yourself!

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