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Xian items

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The xian items scattered over the surface in Avernum 3


Item name Description

Xian coins = Will give you coins in a small amount often.

Xian pants = Seriously heavy,+4 to LCK,-1 to STR,DEX,END,INT

Xian tome = Every page of every book in Avernum 3 can be read here (random)

Xian shrub = Pretty useless though, will make plants sprout randomly

Xian pouch = Leaks some dust, most of the time, leaks harmful and hindering effects e.g. acid, disease

Xian ale = Great for bringing it on your travels, will bless the carrier often

Xian rock = Will spawn rocks in carrier's inventory (also heard rumors about spawning rough diamonds and amber)

Xian skull = My most favorite xian item, oftentimes keeps the character entertained (unless you've already read all of it's dialogue), will also say something useful

Xian vest = A pretty good armor, but will -2 STR and -5 DEX

Xian Chainmail = Mostly disadvantages

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