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New utility, of sorts... [take 2]

Prince of Kitties

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Hardly worth calling a utility really; it's just a collection of items that bridge the gap between "whatever" and "OMG god items." It has:


- Six slings that shoot endless firestorms

- Six swords, which are 1-50 + 60 + 10 flaming

- Six hammers, 1-50 + 60 + 10 draining

- Six axes, 1-50 + 60 + 10 frightening


And that's it. All the items also offer +20 protection.


These are really just items I cobbled up to save time for myself; I'm hoping that they can also save time for someone else (insofar as anything involving a computer game can "save time"). I'm thinking that, as not-quite-god-items, they might be good for stuff like


- Playing high-level scenarios with low-level parties

- Helping high-level parties through Doom Moon II type scenarios

- Debugging high-level scenarios without completely ruining the experience


... Anyway, I'm wondering where to send this thing so other people can download it. Assuming anyone's interested, of course.

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Okay, I have completely redone the utility, such that it can now actually be called a utility. It's called "Firing Range."


It contains:


- Powerful slings with various abilities, and the mandatory weapon of endless firestorms


- Powerful, returning arrows, bolts, and razordisks


- Bows and crossbows with the Accuracy ability


Furthermore, it now contains a combat section for testing the ranged weapons against high-level monsters. The monsters are:


- Slime Colony (300 HP): acid touch and summons some very nasty slimes


- Giant Quickghast (400 HP): 9 AP and three stunning attacks


- Electric Slug (800 HP): no melee attacks, but casts L7 mage and priest spells, emits shock fields, breaths lightning, and has permanent Martyr's Shield


I'll see if I can upload it to the Blades Forge.


Edit: err, Blades Forge doesn't seem to allow upload right now... What gives?

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