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Celt Quest. Stuck in Ruined Hall.

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Can anyone tell me how to find the stones to open the lava room with the scroll on it? I found two emeralds and I think I need to find one more to open the door. I got the one the wights carry and the one in the locked room across from the lava room. Any suggestions?


Thanks. It's a crappy place to get stuck.


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The Celts aren't meant to open the door to the room where the sprite stashed the scroll. After you reach the door, you are supposed to make your way back to talk to the Sidhe.


There is an opening stone available in the Hollow Hills later in the game and you can find one in the Roman fort in the guest quarters.

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No, if he's playing Celts then he can't get the scroll. Did you go over to the iron gate in the last room, after killing the sprite? You should have gotten a message about how you couldn't figure out the locking mechanism. If you've done that, then a dialog box should pop up as soon as you get close to Dolojan, in which you tell her what happened and she gives you a new copy. The dialog with her changes just a little after that, but it doesn't matter.

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