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Stuck on the quest Ogre Raiders (**spoilers**)


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After speaking with Zhethron and being attacked by ogres I was sent to Jhereth Deeps to kill all the ogres. Well I cleared the map topside and below in the caverns after meeting with Zephyrine.


I go back to Zhethron to turn on the quest but I am unable to. There is no option to turn it in. ><


I believe I missed an ogre at the underground part with the rising water. I am unable to get back down there.


Any hints for me would rock the socks!

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Try this.


Press shift-d to bring up the cheat console, then type in:


sdf 7 25 1


This tells the game that Merula is dead. Try talking to the dragon and see if you get this option: "I located the ogres. They have been destroyed."


That probably won't work if you've already killed her though, so if it doesn't, try this one:


sdf 5 19 0


This tells the game that you haven't already turned in this quest, which is the only other flag that gets checked. Try the dialogue again and see what happens. If you still get nothing, your save might be corrupted--I wouldn't know about that.

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Originally Posted By: Propaganda
I think the error was on my part that I needed to turn in the quest to Avadon.

For all of the Zhethron quests, Avadon tells you to go help him and then he gives you a quest to do. You must complete his quest before you can complete Avadon's. So no, you don't have to report back to Avadon saying that you've helped him until after you've told him that the ogres are dead.
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