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drake egg quest


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I hope this isn't asking for a spoiler, but more a possible bug? Although I admit the bug could very well be in my head. I'm on my second time through the game and can't find the drake egg this time either. I checked the hint book and it's not where it says it's supposed to be.


Both times I seem to have killed the drake and then later come back to look for the egg, but it's hard to remember. I don't have the egg in my inventory or in my special items list, and when I talk to the animal trainer I don't have the option to give it to her, indicating that I don't have it. Did I somehow screw up the quest? Did the egg disintegrate from not having a momma drake to keep it warm?

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Which drake did you kill? The one you want is the Withered Drake in a cave near the bandit lair in the Bandit Roads.


If you check its nest, you'll see the following dialog:


Click to reveal..
This nest is particularly large and comfortable, as such things go. It has been padded with bits of fur and branches brought with great difficulty from the surface. There are also many gobbets of meat, waiting to be consumed.

And then, at the bottom of the nest, you see why the drake put so much effort into it. There is a lone egg there, a hardy, leathery thing, waiting to hatch and add another drake to the world.

You recognize that this reddish ovoid has considerable value. You wrap it in fur and put it into your pack. Its warmth radiates out through the padding.


Then it should appear amongst your special items. You don't have to kill the drake by yourself on your first visit; you can come back afterward with your companions.

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