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balance issues(maybe?)

Shaper Tristan

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I think there are some balance issues in avadon. im on normal difficulty and

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im doing the quest to help Zhethron the dragon and im attaking the wretch infestation, i met the 3 scouts who told me about a secret passage to get around the main force, thing is I then went and took out the afore mentioned main "force" extremely easily.


Im not sure if this is how the game is intended to be but previous experiance with spidweb games have made me think this is just unintentionally easy. Am i wrong and its intentional or is something wrong?

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The early part of the game is easier, but you will find as you finish the Wretch Warrens that things get harder. Also it depends upon the character builds. High dexterity for the first main quest will allow you to avoid most damage attacks, but later in the game you will need endurance against the acid/poison/cold.

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