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wheres the alchemy recipes?

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when i buy a recipe, it says something like, "new recipe learned"


when i click the ? by the recipe, it gives me generic information on alchemy


when i click to make the potion, it says i don't have the ingriedients(doesnt say which ones)


when i asked the person that sells the recipes about the name of the potion, they have no idea what im talking about!!


so where are the recipes?


im in mild rebellion now, having finished valley of dying things.

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Note that there is also a "Do Alchemy" selection to be made, assuming your Party knows the Recipe, has the Ingredients and has sufficient Alchemistical Skill to perform the deed.

Using Alchemy, either as the primary method of obtaining Potions, or as a 'side-line' to Combat and Spells makes for a greater enjoyment to a Scenario, but it can also be tedious in that you need the Recipe, Ingredients and Skill to make the Potions.

In almost ALL Scenarios, you should be keeping notes on information obtained as the Story-Line unfolds. If you do want to utilize Alchemy, I'd strongly recommend that you keep a list of all the 'Common' Potions and Ingredients along with any other 'Important' Items. That way you won't need to keep using the Drop-Down Menus whenever you want to do something.

The 'Help' list will shrink after a couple of games, but using Alchemy always seemed to me to be like a frustrating 'Side-Quest' in that you never seemed to have the right Ingredients for a Potion you needed.

One last item, I prefer to carry a lot of Food and Energy Potions, rather than a lot of excess 'Treasures'.


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Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel
Originally Posted By: icelizarrd
Ah, when the generic alchemy info comes up, you need to click the arrows to "scroll" until you find the listing for the potion in question.
Seems like something to change, eh?

I seem to remember there was some vaguely related issue with mage and priest spell help, but I'd have to confirm it first.
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If you open the BoE Editor, you can find information on specific things.

The information is only a minimal listing, but you can re-type what you need to and then keep those lists handy while you play. It won't take long and it will make playing a LOT easier.

I'm only a mediocre player and am primarily interested in the documentation of Scenrios as a hobby. When I first started playing, these 'Help' sheets were a necessity that have become a convenience.


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