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[E3] Scry Monster details


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"Skill" affects a monster's accuracy. As a general rule, 10 skill is enough that the monster will hit most of the time, 20 skill is enough to hit all of the time against unblessed opponents, and 35 skill is enough to hit all the time against moderately blessed opponents.


(Level itself doesn't affect a whole lot for monsters, by the way. It affects spell points, spell damage, and resistance to some status effects. Oh, and of course the SP cost required to Simulacrum it. That's about all.)


Things like "9d10" are dice notation for attack damage. 9d10 means 9 dice with 10 sides each -- so an attack from that monster could potentially do 9-90 damage, and would do 49.5 damage on average, against an unarmoured opponent.

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Attacks tend to do 1 or 2 more points of damage than they should (e.g. a 20d1 attack will usually do 21 or 22 damage). It's not clear exactly what controls this (it seems to be based on level, skill or both), but it's consistent for any particular monster.


Also, a paralysed monster will take double damage from all melee attacks.


Blessing probably increases damage also, although I don't know if it's been thoroughly tested.

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