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I think im almost ready to fight Grah-Hoth, but one last thing blocks my way (i hope). The illision of King Micah in Skarrageth tells me to use a ritual to de-activate the guards. But i dont know any ritual. Where do i learn it?


If need be, i can fight my way past them. Im strong enough to beat the soldiers and the Lich. But is there anything else i'll need before proceeding on? I have the info from the demon in the cross shaped lava pool, as well as the info Patrick gave me, and the crystal key.

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You can't learn the ritual. You can run all the way back to Micah, but he won't tell you anything.


As I recall, you need the Blessed Athame. I don't remember how to get it, but one of the walkthroughs around here will tell you. (And, as always, my info comes from A1, not E1, but it should be the same.)

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I already had the Blessed Athame so thats fine.


Iv reached the prison of Grah-Hoth, but im hampered by a group of buttons that do nothing and some hidden teleporters that do nothing helpful.


The buttons i assume are a decoy. The teleporters i suspect might also be, but im not sure. Teleporter A and B are side by side inside a hidden tunnel at the extreme north of the prison. Going into A sends you to a place with Teleporter C, located in the east wing of the prison. Stepping into Teleporter C sends you to a useless location at the edge of the map.


What i really dont get is the fact theres no statues. The demon told me there would be statues and moving in the proper sequence of steps would get me inside. What am i doing wrong? Isnt this the right place? It IS The Prison of Grah-Hoth after all! frown


[EDIT] woop! Never mind! I found the secret button to the south. So simple, yet so cunning! And im guessing the statues will come into play elsewhere since Grah-Hoth did a runner the second I let him out.

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