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E2: Fort Haledon


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I'm playing through the Exile games again and I'm stuck. I can't remember how to get into Fort Haledon. Am I right in thinking that's where I can find one of the crystal souls? It's in the Vahnati lands West of the annoying tomb and the lava. I lack only getting the third crystal soul before I go on to try killing Garzahd. Any hints/spoilers would be great, thanks!

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Fort Haledon doesn't have a crystal soul, but it's part of the path to recover one.


First, you need evidence about the location of the last CS. I think that evidence is in Limoncelli's fort, in the middle of the big lake north of Ft. Emerald and west of Ft. Dranlon.


EDIT: If you already have the evidence from Limoncelli's fort and found the crystal soul it pointed to, then the evidence for this one is ith the rebel vahnatai north of Mancuso.


Once you have that, go to the Vahnatai council, and you should be on the right track.

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Yes, I got the evidence and took it to the council. That's how I got in to Pyrog's cave and got the crystal soul there and returned it. I've also already found the crystal soul from Akhronath (west of Fort Remote). But I'm sure I'm missing a step somewhere. I have the vague idea that the last crystal soul is north of Erika's tower, but I'm not sure how to get there or even if I'm right (I can get to Erika's tower, I mean, just not north of it; you get stopped by the sight of thousands of Empire troops and back off). There aren't many places left I haven't searched pretty thoroughly.


Edit: Oops, I missed where you said to search north of Mancuso. Thanks, I don't think I've done that yet!


Another Edit: Hmm, I can't get in to the bandits' place either. I'm definitely missing something here. Isn't there a key I'm supposed to find in Avit? Or someone I need to talk to? Man, why didn't I keep notes last time I played?

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