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Author: Enraged Slith

Level Range: 1-5

Version: 1.0.1



Composite Score: 3.6/5.0


Best: 0.00% (0/7)

Good: 57.14% (4/7)

Average: 42.86% (3/7)

Substandard: 0.00% (0/7)

Poor: 0.00% (0/7)





Keywords: Alternative Combat, Humor, Linear, Short

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...suddenly, review.


This review begins WHEN THE REVIEW EXPLODES! And then some other stuff happens, and oh god the floor tiles burn my eyes, but then everything's okay because it was all a dream, BUT IT'S NOT.


...seriously, though. Like Kill Them Dead before it, this was very very fun. Not necessarily well-ordered or logical, but it was very very fun. Combat was secure, and the humor as usual was pretty spot-on, at least as far as humor in Blades has evolved.


I’d like to borrow a quote from the end, because it really does sum up everything.



Click to reveal..



As you leave the wreckage, you can't help but reflect on your recent journey, the lessons you learned, and your newfound ability to survive massive explosions.



Rating: [rating]Good[/rating]

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While enjoyable, its diminutive length hurts this scenario. It felt smaller than even ‘kill them dead’, though there was a bit more as far as humor and silly(read hilarious) pics are concerned.


I liked the custom sprites, especially the unique ones. They gave special feel and polish.


The special™ was quite overpowered, even at its cost, and while I tried it, I never needed to use it. The second hulk easily died to the lab platform.


The plot was chaotic, in a good way, and made me laugh.


There was a semi-serious bug, that almost got me stuck. If Quincy has opened the gate and you leave the tower (i.e to rest), the gate reverts to closed. Also, you can start the cleaning before getting the quest, as long as you have the tools.


Combat was a mixed bag. I greatly enjoyed the initial battle and all of the troglo castle, but the bats and the tower, even the final battle, were a bit worse.


There is some interesting loot to be found, provided you don’t mind stalling while running for your life. I didn’t. XD


This IMO would qualify as ‘good’ if it had been longer. As it is, it better be:


Rating: [rating]Average[/rating]

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The Dealio

Is is possible to feel high during a scenario? If it is (and you're into that sort of thing), then this scenario is for you! A bizarre scenario from the depths of Enraged Slith's mind that'll either leaving you begging for more or slightly catatonic.


The Spunky

First off, the dialog pics are awesome. They add that extra touch to the scenario that really just completes it. Furthermore, there was some rather impressive mixing of sound going on as well; I about leapt out of my seat when I first heard that hulking thing coming after me.


The initial combat is also awesome. The first fight turns into a royal mess (in a good way), and there's a strong emphasis throughout the scenario on finding less-violent solutions (and by strong, I mean beats you to death with a club for 300 damage). Sadly, the strong combat doesn't quite keep throughout the entire scenario.


Another high point is town design. I don't know how Enraged Slith designs these wonderful towns, but I'm considering hiring him to do my towns. They all work, are nicely compact, and look believable. In fact, they're the most believable part of the scenario.


The Funky

Well, the... thing that might possibly be called a plot is odd. Not bad, but odd. However, it starts wearing a bit thin by the end, and then just gets weird. Well, weirder, all things considered. All in all, be prepared for weird humor and weird weirdness in generally.


The Clunky

Instant death nodes are not fun, particularly when they're popped on you in dialogue. Having to clear out the entire lower floor a second time because of insulting ol' sluggy is just plain wrong.


Also, as mentioned earlier, combat starts losing its sparkle once you step out of the troglodyte fort. We go from unique encounters and fights to regular hack 'n' slash, which doesn't fit with the fast-paced style of the scenario. Repeating a trick twice doesn't make it better the second time, either.


The Low-Down - [rating]AVERAGE[/rating]

Fun, but don't go into it expecting a serious (or sane) scenario. I want to give it higher, but it's short and sorta fizzles toward the end, so... yeah.



Okay, when I first went into this scenario, I hit the undead fight, and it recommended I run. But I'm a Bad Dude! Bad dudes don't run with their tails between their legs! So I decided to stick it out and take 'em down. And lo and behold, I was the last one standing by the time the dust settled.


Anecdotes aside, this seems to be setting a trend of weird humor from Enraged Slith, and I can only fear what he'll come up with next. Fear... with anticipation!

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Gluckluck is another insanely silly scenario from Enraged Slith. The story begins with... I got thrown into Avernum for being ugly? Awww. Now I am totally bummed. Anyway, the scenario is set in Avernum and the player must first escape from a troglodyte prison and then... Wait, what? How did? Okay, the plot makes no sense, even less so than in Slith's previous scenario, Kill Them Dead. Personally, I liked the insanity.


Even though, the plot is ludicrous beyond belief, the scenario's other aspects are solid. The combat is appropriate for the level range, it even had a couple of retreating fights against a massive number of hitpoints which I hated at first, but it was oddly satisfying when I made it through them. You gain a bunch of levels. There is enough loot, especially the unique kind, to satiate my hoarding need. As a downside, the scenario is pretty short, but what else is new? Regardless, Gluckluck did not feel that short and maybe if it would have been longer it would have outstayed its welcome.


Even though I liked it, I must emphasize that if the humor of the scenario does not suit your tastes, you probably will not like Gluckluck as much as I did. If you have not cracked a smile in the first few minutes then this is not the scenario for you. However, what turned Gluckluck from average to good in my books was the appearance of the bat familiar. It was... You just have to see it.


The ending, like every plot element, comes out of nowhere. I think I might have been angry with how abrupt it was if not for the awesome pictures accompanying the final sequence. To sum up, Gluckluck is short, but fun.



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The plot elements all made some sort of sense, and things stuck together alright; but it's especially hard for me to judge a humor scenario. Great work went into the dialog box pictures, but my sense of humor is probably not compatible with this scenario. (All I really got was that common adventuring themes are overwrought and come out of nowhere, for tasks that are essentially menial labor.) I won't be too harsh, since it's a good piece of work, as others' reviews indicate. [rating]Good[/rating]

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Content: This is a humour scenario first and foremost. And last, too. As for non-story content: there's not much, but still a few interesting encounters.


Story: The author doesn't make plots; he makes non sequitur delivery mechanisms. If you want a serious scenario, or a humour scenario with a more traditional set-up, this might not be for you. But if wacky hijinks, bizarre characters, and having your expectations played with is what you want, this scenario will not disappoint.


Pacing: Well, you're always being thrown into one crazy situation after another, so the action doesn't lag (though do realize that by "action" I don't necessarily mean combat). Tough to compare it with other scenarios, though.


Combat: There was a decent amount of combat for a small scenario where combat isn't the focus. Most of the encounters had some additional element to them, and required thinking to solve. The first "impossible" fight was nice, as you had to figure out the best way to retreat, but I didn't like the second "impossible" fight. There's no way of realizing that you need to use a special item to win, without sheer dumb luck. I found the library fight to be quite tough.


Scripting: No major tricks that I can recall, but a bunch of little ones that add to the scenario. I did find one bug: you can stop yourself from progressing any further if you leave the tower at the wrong moment.


Aesthetics: The pictures are the best part. True works of art. I don't know if the tower had to be symmetrical, though.


Overall: I'm beginning to think those salesmen were not entirely honest... [rating]AVERAGE[/rating]

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