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adamantite axe


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sup its been many years since i played exile and i just found my old cd and decided to play it. i kinda remeber how to get items like the ravage blade and assassin knife but i dont ever recall getting the adamantite axe. i was looking through the editor and saw it.does anyone know of a website or an faq or some page that has information on these items.and if the demonslayer cannot be gotten in exile 3 why is it in the editor?

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You can get a two-handed, demon-killing sword near the end of A3 (in Rentar's fortress). I always assumed that was Demonslayer. If so, then it was probably there in E3, too.


I haven't seen anything in the FAQs in the board's header that talks about unusual items like these, but I might not have rummaged through them enough.

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