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Spider Cave: Exile II


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Hello all. Long time no see.


I'm in the Spider Cave in Exile II and there's a path blocked by webs that I can't get past. I'm supposed to rub the milky white stuff on me to get past that right?


I go to 33,23 and touch the pool of stuff, and go back and I still can't get through the web. I tried drinking it, that didn't work either. Is there another pool or something? Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?



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Originally written by Chief Spider watching The Simpsons:
Yay! Then I can have some helpers clear the thick webs at the NW of the spider cave (near my little hill) where we put the bodies of all the mean, nasty people who didn't want to be friends and all their silly stuff!

I like the GIFTS, espaicially the things they say. Anybody else like them? (I know its the wrong topic).
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