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Couple of E3 Easter Eggs


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Here's a couple of E3 Eggs just in case anyone haven't tried them yet :-)


On the first level, go down to the bottom-left of the map (can use Orbs of Sight).

Get into the very bottom-left room. You will need to use the Dispel Barrier or Crystals of Piercing. The route is very obvious...

Put a pair of Pants (the inventory item) on the pillar, then step on the rune ;-)


And another one:

Go to Dellston, Find Rita, Ask her about 'coffee' and then say 'perfect'

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The first is well-known. I'd never heard of the second, but that may be because I'm an Avernum player, and it doesn't sound like the sort of thing that Avernum would have.


By the way, "on the first" level is pretty vague. You should've pointed out that you were talking about the final dungeon.

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