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stuck in tomorrow--- HELP!!!


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I can give you specifics if needed, but this is the 'gist' of the solution:

There are six Rooms on this Level, not counting the two Control Stations – North and South Center. The Insects will swarm in a couple of turns and in a couple more turns will start biting you, causing damage and soon, death. You can keep casting ‘Mass Repel’, but as the instructions said, the insects will adapt quickly and you will eventually be overcome. You should immediately go into the ‘Combat Mode’ and cast ‘Major Haste’. When the Insects appear, cast, ‘Protection’, or use Invulnerability Potions on the Party because the Insects will begin attacking you. Send one Party Member to each Room. Get the Gemstones you find, and then leave, heading to the East Center Room. During the “Combat Mode”, the Room to the East, Center, will be inaccessible, but will be available when you return to ‘Normal Mode’. When all Party Members are there, return to the ‘Normal Mode’ and enter the Room. The Insects cannot enter. Speak with the Character there and you will be able to continue.

Again, if you need specific details, just ask.


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thank you so much, I thought about using the charm spell on the hostile creature, but that is the one thing I did not try. I love my EXILE games and am just starting to go into custom scenerio's, many of the challenges are very new to me. I just want say thank you to every one who builds them and helps the rest of us out.

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