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E2- Beneath Fort Remote- Thompson


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I'm an A2 player not an E2 player but I guess it will be pretty much the same.


In the annoying room there is a carcked stone or something. when you step on that it should open the door in the north wall (the one you found using magic map). But you can only step on one type of floor tile. The Sun symbol I think but I could be wrong. Anyway, only step on that symbol until your reach the broken stone and then only step on that symbol and work your way towards where you think the door should be.


I hope that made sense.

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In Exile you have to walk between the pillars in a certain route until you hear a click which signifies the door opening. If you step on a wrong tile you get teleported back to the start of the room and have to do it again! I recommend saving after EVERY move until you reach the door.

I don't remember the exact route but you have to start off heading left until you're near the wall (but not at it) and then go sort of up and right. But, like I said, save after every move so if you get teleported you don't have to start the room again.

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Originally written by scottyo:
The Hall of Onyx Pillars is starting to get on my nerves. I magic mapped the dungeon and it looks like there should be a hidden door in the northwest corner, but sadly there isn't. Ive already found all the spaces you can step on and all the ones you can't, and nothing had ever 'clicked'. If somebody wants to tell me what I'm missing I'd apreciate it. Thanks.
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