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  1. If you can afford to hold off investing in magic skills until Dhonal's isle, there is someone in the keep who will train you in them for money, assuming you haven't trained in them at all since. I think you can get 2 points in each that way.
  2. Dhonal's Isle is the third in the chain. Harmony is the second. To get past the question marks on Harmony you do need to register.
  3. Thahd shades are practically immune to Kyra's cold spell. As a shaper I sent 2 of them along the corridor to keep him blocked in then used my ranged attack and Greta's. Took a while but I managed it the first time I used that strategy.
  4. I find the bracelet very useful for a agent - it allows me to make low level creations eg kamikaze thads to destroy mines without having to waste precious skill points on shaping skills. Thanks for the help.
  5. Thanks for the advice..but what are the stats of the final bracelet you get?
  6. I've run a search on this but not found anything so I'm going to ask anyway: how many fangs does the bracelet get after you've killed all the creations and what abilities/stat boosts does it give you? I've killed the first two but my creations can't even hit the experimental bug. Are there any tactics that are good for this or should I just come back later when I've leveled up a bit?
  7. I believe that potions of clarity are in exile. In Avernum you can remove dumbfounding using restorations brews, unshackeling crystals, waiting or going to a healer.
  8. I'm trying to download G3 for windows but the connection keeps timing out, despite having broadband internet access. When I click on the link it offers me the choice to run the application or save it. Which am I supposed to do? Thanks.
  9. Hi, I'm an A2 player not an E2 player but I guess it will be pretty much the same. In the annoying room there is a carcked stone or something. when you step on that it should open the door in the north wall (the one you found using magic map). But you can only step on one type of floor tile. The Sun symbol I think but I could be wrong. Anyway, only step on that symbol until your reach the broken stone and then only step on that symbol and work your way towards where you think the door should be. I hope that made sense.
  10. I don't think the fountain does anything. You can reach Athron's lair via the honey comb, but then you need 20 cave lore to get past the traps. If you go by boat they are disarmed automatically.
  11. Will they? I thought it was only in A3 that they eventually forgave you.
  12. There are two secret rooms. One with treasure that you have found and another one with a desk. Search the desk to find the key.
  13. Yeah, this is a tough one. I have died often there, usually when my fighters are turned against me. Do the usual stuff - haste, bless and shield everyone before you go up those stairs. Try to take out those magic users first, esp the priests. One technique I tried was to change my party order so that the magic users went first as they have higher mental resistances. This way you start the first round with the whole party under your control. If all that fails, there is always the character editor! I have been known to use it to healand energise my characters before that fight. Oh and you don't actually have to go through that room to complete the quest, you can usually kill the slith leader using spells and missiles from the entry level as he comes out when you walk past. But given that you are where you are unfortunately you have no choice about going through that room now. Sorry.
  14. Look around for secret rooms in the napharim lair. Lots of walking into walls may be required! I think it is along the top of the screen.
  15. Finding items which boost your fire resistance is always good. There are four dragonskin cloaks in the game. I think one is in the slith dungeon by ToM but you will have to look up the others in an FAQ. Chill charms can also help - buy from the nephils just north of mertis after healing the other village.
  16. I would recommend knowing Arcane Blow (fireblast is useless) and having lots of potions before attempting this. I would also suggest dropping most things in Erika's tower since the Efreet drop lots of treasure and you want to be able to pick it all up.
  17. I tend to do Kelnar's (sp?) quest to clear out the sliths east of the tower of magi first. The reward to that is nice too. You can sell all the weapons etc to Bernard in ToM so you don't have to carry the stuff too far. Then I go and free the nephilim from the napharim (top righthand corner of the map with fort duvno on). If I remember right they seemed to drop a reasonable amount of treasure.
  18. I agree with Ezrah, I'd like to see more survival skills too. Find Herbs was one of my favourite skills especially when I used alchemy. I'd also like to see the return of some puzzles like in Exile 2. The test of mind in E2 was so much better than the test of patience in A2. Riddles etc are fun.
  19. The efreet is near Erka, you'll need the Orb of Thralni. I'd also buy heroic and protection brews if I have spare cash, as it saves investing skill points in Alchemy and I think they are useful. Oh and I buy every energy potion/elixir I can find so I don't need to leave dungeons to rest. Other places: Have you bourght Magery from the Drake? Visit Fort Samuels to buy blessed arrows, bolts and lockpicks. Check all the random item shops: Bernard, Shaynee, Walaby etc to see if they have anythng you want. And finally, if you have loads of cash, buy out Silverlocke's entire stash of potions and she'll restock so you can buy even more knowledge brews. Alternatively, you could stop gathering cash/selling stuff because it can make the game rather tedious especially once you have bourght all the special skills. Don't bother with collecting loot and you'll get through the game quicker.
  20. Assuming you are playing A2: No, you don't need Erika to complete the game. She gives you hints about how to defeat Garzahd, but nothing you can't get from elsewhere in the game and if you've already spoken to her then you probably have most of the info already. On a sidenote: I wonder if you could capture Erika in your soul crystal now you have it at level 3....hmm ..could be useful
  21. Yup, the formello code was where you said it was. Thanks for your help. Elizara
  22. The code outside the barrier tower is for the barrier tower. The code by Solberg's tower is for Erika's tower. The code for the castle is told to you by someone at the castle. And the silvar code is in silvar. I'll look around Formello again one I've cleared out the zigurrat. This may take a while. Thanks for your help.
  23. I know that there is a portal code for formello which lets you avoid the long journey there from the Tower of Magi. I even know what it is, thanks to various FAQs available. But where in the game do you find it so you can use it? I've searched all the outside walls in Formello but I can't remember if it is there or if someone tells it to you. Thanks.
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