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Idea: Multiple graphics sheets

Celtic Minstrel

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I'd like to be able to use multiple graphic sheets with BoE; this would have several advantages, including the ability to keep different types of icons on separate sheets for greater organization.


This would require two things: support in the source code for multiple sheets, and a format for the sheets. The Mac graphic format would make the addition of more sheets quite simple, but the Windows format does not share this feature.


My preference would be to create a new Windows format which is a disguised ZIP file (perhaps with an extension of .pics or something) which replaces the current Windows format. It could also replace the Mac format, if we wanted it to.


An additional advantage of the ZIP format is that it could also contain custom sounds, which is something that Mac users have always had available to them yet never worked on Windows.


I don't expect this to happen soon; this thread is mainly for discussion purposes, ideas or alternate proposals... stuff like that.

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Originally Posted By: w-dueck
How about putting everything (scenario, images, sounds, etc.) into one big file. Skip all the unzipping when you want to play a scenario. You could just 'import' your custom stuff, kind of like what the Warcraft III World editor does with the import manager.
I don't much like that idea, but it's certainly a distinct option.

The unzipping wouldn't cause any delay to gameplay – when loading a game or starting a scenario it would be unzipped to a temporary location for quick access... either that or loaded right into RAM. So if there's any delay, which I doubt, it would be when loading a game or entering a scenario.

Actually, if it includes sounds as well, .pics isn't exactly a good file extension...
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One disadvantage of using a ZIP file for the graphics is, obviously, that people would have to unzip and re-zip to add anything.


However, I'm sure it would be possible to create an interface in the scenario editor itself for adding graphics. I'm sure it wouldn't be easy, but it should be possible.

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