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Nephil's Gambit... Motrax Eye


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IIRC -- it's been a long time -- you have to lob some kind of explosive potion at a wall to find the gemstone. Somebody hints at this, but it requires thorough conversations with all the relevant characters. Start with the mayor, his son, and a certain femme fatale.


I was being a bit subjective. Objectively, you can't pick one "best scenario," but if you were going to it would have to be something more universally adored than Nephil's Gambit, such as one of Alcritas's scenarios. Nephil's Gambit does get high ratings in general, but it is more notable as a cult favourite than as a blockbuster; there are a handful of people here who swear by it.

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It's also notable because it was one of the first BoE scenarios that actually put some thought into combat design. And while I think Islands of the Wheel might have beaten it to being the first scenario with a meaningful win/finish distinction, it was one of the first to do that too.

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I'm not sure if I'd say "allegory" as such, but yes, alot more thought and political commentary than most. Though, I played it recently, and then the Amazonian Saga immediately afterwards, which, at the end, asks if you have uncovered the metaphor of the scenario. I'd expected it to be about peace, and the idea of a just war, which cropped up a few times, but ti turned out it was about a bunch of anime fans who disagreed with another bunch of anime fans over who was the better anime creator. I didn't see that coming.


(As it happens, I'm currently making a scenario of my own, trying to put in-depth musings about the nature of society and warfare, which Nephils' Gambit has probably coloured...although it's small (to avoid getting bored and giving up before I've finished making it), I've already thought of a much more interesting scenario I'd much rather be making, involving a fisherwoman type who gets chased by sea monsters alot or something.)

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