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Which scenario has the best level design?


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The best way to learn about scenario design is to play many scenarios by many different people, Sirath, so I recommend you do that.


As for level design, I'm not really sure. It's been a while since I've played any BoE scenarios. I've been playing the Exile trilogy lately. I like The Za-Khazi Run, although many people are bound to disagree with that sentiment. I wouldn't say the level design is the best by any stretch, but I found the levels to be entertaining.


Are you referring to how fun the level is, the visual design, or something else? I'm not sure what you mean. I found Za-Khazi Run's dungeons to be great fun, although they're definitely not the prettiest.

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There are many scenarios and even more opinions of them.

I'd recommend you read the reviews, perhaps starting with the scenarios that have the highest ranking.

Only you can actually answer your question because the 'best' is what you think one would be.

Most of us can give you our opinion, but that probably wouldn't be worth much.

One of the most widly acclaimed Authors is 'Alcritas'. He has a string of scenarios that are well known and have a story-line thread throughout.

His first, "On a Ship to Algiers" is made for a 'Beginner' Party and a good scenario for a 'Beginner' Player.

Another that may be a good scenario for a Beginner Player is 'Tatterdemalion'. It is a simple scenario that isn't too difficult, but in it you make a choice to play as either Fighter, Priest, or Mage.

You can play this scenario all three ways and it may be a good scenario to gain a better understanding of the BoE styles.

Again, read the reviews and try to understand what the commenting players have to say about the scenarios.


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