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Classic slowdown after playing GC


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After launching GC for the fifth time or so, I received an error about not having enough memory to run OS X effectively with Classic apps or something to that effect. GC opened afterward, but with the sound significantly slowed down. Thinking that this was some RAM snafu, I rebooted. The error no longer showed up, but the sound still ran slow. What's worse is that now I've discovered that all of my Classic programs have a sound slowdown. I tried Googling™ the problem to no avail, so I figured I might try here.


Crud. I actually liked GC, too. I hope it hasn't given me a reason to reformat. tongue


For reference, here are my system specs.


Mac OS X v 10.3.9

1.8 GHz iMac G5

512 MB RAM


Classic v. 1.8.3 (OS 9.2.2)

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Strange. I've an Imac G3 and only the first time when I played it, the computer ran slowly. th game itself actually didn't become slower, but the computer itself was all the time (what I call thinking), making that strange knows when its handling processes. Do uou understand what I mean? I think, if i read your problem, that you maybe should try to strat up with OS 9, instead of OS X. maybe that will work. Or you should give Geneforge more memory to work (or give that memory to OS X) with. I also ha problems of this kind, but then the computer claimed that the program didn't have enough memory. Also, that were other programs.

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Although it was a good idea, turning off the extensions did absolutely nothing for the slowness. I'm thinking I'll have to do some sort of update/reinstall of my Classic.


And for the record, I am unable to boot in 9. I would if I could, but the folks at Cupertino did away with that.

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