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Exile 3 Skill Potions

The Dark One

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Hi. Have pretty much maxed out my party in Exile III, have finished up the golem factory, all that's left is the endgame. Was hoping to get some of my high level fighters some priest levels before I finish the game. Was hoping somebody had found a magic shop or a alchemists or a little hut someplace that sells skill potions (ridiculous amount of money, nowhere to spend it). Thanks for your help.

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I don't think there is anywhere, but if you do the Monastery of Madness quest (IIRC it's started by staying the night at the inn in Loreli), then you get the recipe for the Knowledge Brew. You can buy one of the ingredients from the priest in the town with all the undead on that island off the south coast, and the other from the hermit on the hidden island off the south-east coast. I've been vague on purpose, because that's a whole lot of questing for you to do and I don't want to write a page-long spoilery walkthrough.



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I got the perfect answer for u man!!! Yeah its about that witch in the island...Ill tell u how to get there first...1-u go to new cotra and find Mr.gointz...ask him about boat..buy it...then look for it southeast in a corner...anyways this is found on the mini hint booklet on the answers to some questions in uppe exile(press F1)...well ur in the boat and then u sail away to the center of the island ... but wait wtf are those rocks doing there?!they'll be blocking u from enetering the wienie island with the ultra secret cave where this witch is making illegal drugs...well i got the solution for that!u just go west until u finds land and ull see rocks covering the perimeter of the island...1 of them is wanna be rock because u can actually go through it...but in theprocess u will have to fight the dragon of the sea(it works for me).!.So after u finish that u can step on the island...Ok heres where the hard part comes...umm someone cue up the mission impossible music dadada dadada dada...

Walk around the island..until u trip with some brownish fecal substance(u hope its mud) and u fins urself with a tower that u cant se..hmm must be an underground tower...and talk to the bi..I mean witch..(she owes me some money ..that witch!) and buy her all the knoledge brews ur money can buy....(there are some things money cant buy ...like pamela anderson.. for all ur needs use Mastercard) and give all the potions to the guy u want to have as priest and make him suck them to the last drop and youll find out that when u go to ur training sessions ur character-the one that drank all the knowledge beers-will have a load shiatload of skill points use them to buy ur priests spells...and there u have a perfectlly perfect priest that can travel where no man has gone before..or woman..or any new people we might fins nowadays...well the last thing is that if u dont have any more money use the editor and get $25000 in cash and keep buying knoledge brews to ur other guys so they actually become ivincible...this is kind of a trick to all the people that are stuck with the unregistered version of exile 3 ...email me for more info..or if u just want to give me money ..or need help email me at xxrat599@hotmail.com..!!!good luck with mister priest gandalf!!!!

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