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  1. Thank you, thank you! Copying my shell.dll file worked.
  2. I recently purchased the Exile Trilogy CD. Unfortunately, Exile1-2 doesn't seem to want to install onto my computer(I already owned 3, so I haven't tried that one). I've tried it on two separate computers, my main one, running on Windows XP, and a much older one, running in Win98. On my main computer, once I open the installer, a dialog box pops up saying it can't find SHELL.DLL, and when I click it, says it can't run the setup, then closes. On my older computer, it launches the setup, then does nothing. It has the setup window visible but no dialog boxes, nothing gets installed, etc. It also doesn't close...I actually have to turn the power off. I've also tried downloading a demo and installing that(hoping that it would be a less buggy/more compatible version), but no luck. I've also tried loading the system files on the Exile 1 webpage where I downloaded the demo, that is supposed to help XP users with damaged files, but nothing changed. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. If I recall correctly, there's an old witch who sells knowledge brews. Somewhere in the middle of that big lake in Upper Exile(near the Vahnatai tower, forget it's name).
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