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Exile 3: two end-game questions


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Well, I just completed Exile 3, but sadly, not without cheats. The shame. frown


Anyways, I have two questions:


1. I have the game saved at several steps from the final special, after Erika has appeared to battle Rentar Ihrno. However, I have some quests that have not been completed. If I use the editor to take myself out of the Keep of Rentar-Ihrno and back outside, will it mess up the game, if I try to finish it again?


2. If not, would it be a good idea for me to use two files, one for completing the game, and one for exploring other places?

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If you win, you've won. Hooray.


If you then use the editor to leave, you don't really need to return to the Keep. You've already won. Just head back to wherever you have unfinished business and enjoy.


—Alorael, who isn't sure that using the editor to leave would ruiin everything anyway. It probably means Erika won't show up to help you again, but you should still be able to win if you set up the explosion and reach the panel.

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