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E3: Basalt building in New Cotra


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Originally written by Vahnatai Used Crystal Salesman:
Oh, all right. To flesh out the gradually increasing spoilers, the person is Commander Johnson in Fort Emergence and the word is "bunker" (or "bunk," since E3 only takes four letters).

—Alorael, who will add that the building really is of minimal significance.
You're right. You talk to Commander Johnson ion Fort Emergence. then you ask him about 'BUNKER'. He'll demand to know who told you about it. Then ask him about 'SANDRA'. He'll tell you how to get into the bunker. ("Vahnatai cheat... I hate them...They killed my favourite Character...")
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The Cooling Amulets also give a small amount of resistance to fire damage in general, which helps at just about every stage of the game. And if you want a cool sword, you can do worse than Wyrmslayer.


—Alorael, who believes one can do better even in the demo. There are, for example, some nice stone short swords lying around that aren't a waste of a perfectly good special item.

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