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Silver Circlet?


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Oi! It seems every time I think im getting ahead in this game, another roadblock appears.


Sulfras wants the Onyx Scepter and Silver Circlet before he'll let me through to Grah-Hoth's fortress. I have the scepter already, but i have literally no clue where the circlet is. Iv never even heard it being mentioned before now. Where am i supposed to find it?

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Meena in Spire has it. In order to get it, go through the arena until no more monsters come out, then talk to the guy in the audience. He will tell you that he tried to steal it with help of other people but failed and everyone but him and Asp died. He says Asp knows how to enter the box without setting off the trap. Asp is in Cotra at the Inn. Once you have the info, go back to Spire. Go to the northeast corner of town and you should find a secret entrance. Kill the guards and in the northwest corner of the room you will find another secret door that will lead you to Meena's Bedroom. Go to the box, take the circlet, and give it to Sulfras.

I hope that helps. cool

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Well it did help quite a lot. It turned out i had already done most of what needed to be done anyway, even getting the info on how to safely open the box (and just didnt know how to properly use the info)


But the box is locked! And i dont seem to have the key! eek


[EDIT] Ok so im guessing the Tiny Key is needed since the box has a small lock and its one of only 2 keys i dont currently have.


Tiny Key location anybody? Pretty please?

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