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  1. Originally Posted By: loyal servile hey now no need to be nasty. hes just spreading his oppinion Exactly, and thanks for that.
  2. Walk through walls? Cheaters!
  3. Originally Posted By: Geezer Logan, it's been my understanding that in the Spiderweb games no number indicates "1", so Geneforge would be Geneforge 1..... Hey makes sense, but when the game has 4 sequels, you might as well just add a 1 to be clear... Right?
  4. Which version of Geneforge are we talking about here?
  5. Interesting... So no one so far can give me a solid answer? If the level cap MIGHT be 69, well what a strange number to be the cap. Maybe level 99 would be more realistic? Level 41 at the end eh? Is that after killing everything?
  6. Hey, I was wondering what the max level is that I can reach in Geneforge 3. Is this common with all games in the series? Can I generally max out my character in these games? Are there enough enemies in the maps to reach the max level? I'm simply curious, as I like to try and max my characters when I play an RPG.
  7. I've been playing a lot of 3 lately and I am also finding the boat system a bit of a pain. I'm also finding the game to be rather linear and small. I am on the third island now, and it looks much bigger than the last two so hopefully I'll be on this island for a while. So far, I'm really enjoying 3 and looking forward to 4 and 5.
  8. Well I've lost interest in Geneforge 1 and 2 now... I'm loving 3, 4 and 5 though, it must be the better interface, graphics and audio that's holding my interest. I just finished the first island in Geneforge 3, so I've invested a fair amount of time now... Would be handy if the game kept track of total hours played now that I'm getting up there.
  9. Originally Posted By: Lilith why did i decide to read the geneforge forum today I dunno, but I'm sure that your glad you did
  10. Originally Posted By: Randomizer Ornks have a chance of dropping meat when they die. Challenge game is creating ornks and seeing how long you can keep them alive. Sounds fun
  11. I edited my original post so that it's not offensive and gets people to start arguing. Turned out well I think lol
  12. Hmm, good point I've seen a few "facepalm" posts around... Thanks for the support Dantius... Most gamers KNOW that the Japanese are a little eccentric when it comes to there games and hobbies.... I figured most people here knew that and knew what I meant by the statement.
  13. I uh, don't know anything about scripting... That's a good idea though, it's probably quite simple to change the graphic of the player your using if you know what your doing.
  14. Originally Posted By: LostKnight Hopefully i will have this done by the end of July or early. Sounds good I'm looking forward to it.
  15. Originally Posted By: Seaweed The main problem with G2 is that G1 is so damn good. G2 feels like a slightly improved G1 with a much less interesting plot. Once you pass through the Secret Tunnel, all sense of mystique is gone. I agree, the first one IS great, I'm still enjoying it, but G2 seems like a bad expansion pack. Originally Posted By: Dikiyoba If you're not having fun, stop playing. That's Dikiyoba's advice. Good advice, that's why Geneforge 2 is uninstalled
  16. Ok, first It was Geneforge 4 that has a pipe, not 3. Sorry for that mistake. Here's a pic of it... Second, here is a link to one of the many stories out there of Chinese gamers dying from doing nothing but playing games constantly. Chinese Online Gamer Dies I don't see how it's racist to state that Japanese or Chinese or whatever are big time gamers and are a little crazy with there hobby. As for discussion of illegal activities, I apologize for that I won't mention it again.
  17. Originally Posted By: Velzan Oh shush Logan This Topic Never HAD A TOPIC!!.... Your 8 hours or more is nothing to my 1000+ hours. ?I seriously bet thats not half of my hours though Holy shyt that's a lot of time...
  18. haha well, everyone has there own opinion eh? I'm sticking with mine.
  19. I hope he does. I love the agent class but I'm not really a fan of playing as a girl in every game. Unfortunatly that's how it is and that's what I'm doing.
  20. I have no idea what I'm going to do yet, I just started most of the games, but I'm leaning towards the awakened.
  21. I'm curious to know how many of you will really get into a game of Geneforge? Will you allow the game to govern when you eat and when you smoke? I have to mention that I think Geneforge 4 was asking me to smoke, since I have a pipe in my inventory... Well I like to do this. If I got nothing better to do, then I'll spend some serious time playing and follow these rules. When your in the mood to smoke, go into your house or a bar in the game and do so. Maybe look at the pipe in Geneforge 4 lol I havn't found one in 3 or 5 yet. If you want to eat, hit up the bar in a town and mingle. I of course won't let myself die like I've heard some people do, but this adds some fun to the game.
  22. Originally Posted By: LostKnight well i replaced all the Geneforge 3 graphics with the Geneforge 5 ,but i found out that i have to change some of the scripts and the resolution of some of the newer creations for some reason but so far im only stuck on changing the old game play window to the new geneforge 5's verson. (Every Things Still Coming Together) Really, thats cool. Please keep me updated about this, I'd love to try it out when it's ready. Is this a side project to what Dantius mentioned about Jeff remaking the games? Or is this the first step towards that?
  23. Well, after putting a lot of time into Geneforge 2, I've decided that it's the worst of the series... The bad interface and graphics of the first 2 games aside, I just didn't find this one fun or interesting at all. I travelled far, making it into many zones, but I find it quite annoying that I just can't seem to get much done in each zone in this game at this early level. I have lots of red zones behind me, and each one there are a few sections that I just can't pass right now. The big issue is that several times while playing, I'd realize, I just wasn't having any fun. I have played and am enjoying the other 4 games in the series...yes even the first one is proving more enjoyable than the second. Anyone else feel this way? Did anyone else find Geneforge 2 just not worth there time?
  24. Ya, we're not totally off topic now... I've played more than 8 hours now!
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