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  1. Well this is weird, I was just about to sell an obsidian spear because my roman characters already have blessed longswords, then I noticed the obsidian spear is a 1 handed weapon and I can use it with a shield. What the? It has the same stats as 2 handed pikes except it has +20% magic resist. I am sure it used to be 2 handed in the old nethergate, there is no point in using 2 handed weapons with that thing in the game. I guess nethergate just doesnt have any good 2 handed weapons. Was this a mistake or something? Was it meant to be 1 handed?
  2. I'm reminded of some shopkeeper in geneforge who wouldnt deal with me after i looted his storeroom. I saved after looting it thinking everything would be ok since i didnt set off any traps and nobody saw me steal.
  3. Since it taught me dispel barrier instead of total healing I was thinking that maybe it was changed in resurrection, and only gave total healing in the original.
  4. I found a pretty good item that is not in the list. If you donate to the holy shrine in castle aethdoc 9 times (100 gold a time) you get sylak's pants of power. Titus drops blessed plate if you manage to kill him in circle warrens (story still continues) Also i've just got to Iltanor’s Library as romans and found that: LEARN SPELLS: Raise Dead, Total Healing — SE — Iltanor’s Library [Rune Reading 22 or less] Seems to be Raise Dead and Break Barrier, it didn't teach me total healing as a roman.
  5. They even let me steal everything in front of them without going hostile, and I couldn't work out what the penalty for looting their rooms was. I vaguely remember the disease thing oldbin.bin mentioned, but it looks like it was changed to exp drain when you leave the caverns (-100) in resurrection.
  6. Hello! I'm playing as roman and when I go into the crone's bedrooms it says something like "you feel like you're being watched". When you open the chests in their rooms it says "the feeling of being watched is even stronger now". Will looting their stuff have any effect? The game hints pretty heavily that they should know i'm robbing them.
  7. Originally Posted By: Earth Empires some of older games might not work on 64bit systems. I would have agreed if geneforge 5 wasn't one of the ones crashing since it's quite new.
  8. Hello! So I just got a new computer and upgraded to windows 7 64bit and noticed I can't play some spiderweb games. CPU: Core i5-750. Graphics Card: Radeon 5770 Latest graphics drivers OpenGL 3.2 Directx 11 Nethergate Resurrection: Screen goes black after I double click the game and keyboard freezes, have to turn power off to restart the computer as it is completely unresponsive. Geneforge 5: Asks me what resolution I want to play at then does same as nethergate when I click "Ok". Edit: Geneforge 5 doesn't crash my system if I select "play in window mode"! I dislike window mode but that may give a clue about the problem. Trying to make nethergate start in window mode with -window doesn't stop it crashing though. Edit: Running nethergate in compatibility mode for windows xp doesn't help, but I can run nethergate on a virtual machine with xp installed on it. (xp mode) Blades of avernum: Same as nethergate Geneforge 1-4: Works Avernum 1-5:Works Avernum 5: If my resolution is set to 1680 x 1050 it says I need at least: 1024x768. If I allow it to change resolution the game is squished from the sides. If I don't it is centered. If my resolution is: 1024x768 it says I need at least: 1024x768. If I don't allow it to change resolution or do allow it, it is full screen like it should be.
  9. Originally Posted By: VCH Torment isn't harder than Normal, the fights just take longer. Honestly that's the only difference I've noticed in switching from Normal to Torment. I've noticed things seem to hit harder on torment. On normal it's pretty hard to die. But i've been killed by rats on torment early on. I then have to reload and make a plan to slay the foul creature, and sometimes even use my potions. On normal I end up with 20 potions I saved up for a hard encounter that never came.
  10. I think I might too. For some reason I never finished avernum 3 when I played it years ago. I am wondering though, 1) what levels are the npcs when you recruit them with a level 1 character? Edit: found this from a guide. Hsska the Slith Priest - minimum level 9 Falko the Archer - minimum level 13 Carol the Mage - minimum level 22 Miranda the Warrior - minimum level 30 2) do they have more skillpoints than a custom made character at the same level? Edit: As for Hsska at level 9 he can have the stats a level 43 custom character could have.. Although you could argue some of the skills he has are useless on a priest and that instead he has the important stats of a level 23 character. Will having a level 30 in your group stop your level 9 from leveling? i can't remember how exp works in avernum 3. I wonder if the npcs in the other avernums are as accessible. Given how overpowered the npcs are in terms of stats, it does kind of feel like cheating though.
  11. Since all 4 characters were level 12, it's highly unlikely that I had not yet hit the level where it starts giving a bonus to faerie lore. It is possible that the "faerie folk will sometimes treat you more kindly" part of the trait is either broken or has an effect that nobody can work out.. The only other thing I could think of is that perhaps I could buy or sell items or services at more favourable rates from faeries if I had the trait, but this doesn't appear to be the case either.
  12. Description: "All sorts of hostile magic have less of an effect on you, and the faerie folk will sometimes treat you more kindly" As for the second half of it, "faerie folk will sometimes treat you more kindly", the general consensus seems to be that it gives a bonus to faerie lore. However, i've tested it and these are the results: Test 1: Go to little people with 1 faerie lore. Result 1: Can't talk to them. Test 2: Go to little people with 2 faerie lore. Result 2: Can talk to them. Test 3: Go to little people with 1 faerie lore and 1 character with the "faerie blood" trait. Result 3: Can't talk to them. Test 4: Go to little people with 1 faerie lore and 4 characters with the "faerie blood trait. Result 4: Can't talk to them. From the above it is clear that faerie blood doesn't seem to give faerie lore. So either faerie blood is bugged and is supposed to give faerie lore, or it does something else that people have not worked out yet.
  13. hmm.. In that case does anyone know of an encounter early in the game where faery lore makes a difference? Perhaps I can work out exactly how much faery lore the trait gives, by experimenting with the trait and faery lore with the editor to find out the exact value. edit: Spoke to jeff about it and it turns out it just helps vs hostile magic and it's supposed to give dialog options in some encounters
  14. What does this part of the faerie blood trait do? "faerie folk will sometimes treat you more kindly" Does anyone know if it's just a bonus to faerie lore, and if so how much? Since I took the trait on all characters i'm wondering how much faerie lore I need now to get the most out of the game.
  15. Sorry to bump an old topic but I have a question about how this works. If you had a roman with all the best armor in the game, would 10 armor use be the maximum you need to get the most out of all of your armor, since polished plate mail needs 10? Or is 10 armor use needed for polished plate mail alone, meaning if you wore other armor too, you would need more than 10 armor use?
  16. Well actually my reasoning was "if my well geared torment fighter is hit 95% of the time throughout the entire game I may as well get stumblin feet since it will still be 95%" but if they only have 80-85% chance to hit me throughout the game then stumblin feet would do more harm than good. i've never played torment before so i dont know but i was going heavy armor, armor use, no defence or dexterity past what you can buy from trainers or get as quest rewards. In which case, would I expect to get hit more with stumblin feet, or would I capped at 95% either way I play it?
  17. Another question! What on earth is riflery? I saw this in that stickied thread! "Shadow Leather (blocks 13%, +1 Dexterity, +1 to Riflery) — Moira (kill) — C SW" +1 to riflery
  18. Do monsters always have a 95% chance to hit you on torment throughout the game? I want to know if it's worth getting stumbling feet on my fighters playing torment mode
  19. Hello! I have read that you can buy druidism / health circle / war circle / beast circle / craft circle in hagfen. I have read it's expensive for celts but is it also expensive for romans since they are supposed to like you? I'm playing torment with 4 characters and I am wondering if my 1 roman spellcaster should save his skill points until I get to hagfen so I can buy the first few levels of the circles before i put points into them. But how much would that cost him in gold? Is it financially feasible? It wouldnt be worth saving if that would cost me 8,000 gold for example. Are the spell circles also "expensive" for the romans, or do they get cheaper prices?
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