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  1. I have played some characters without investing in these skills at all and the games feel so forced, you pretty much have to fight your way through and that's it (also commit a living tools genocide every time you run into a locked door for the much needed pods, canisters and stuff). These skills seem to be mandatory in order to get the most out of the game. Is this true or am I just doing it wrong? What are your thoughts people, how do you invest those precious, wondrous, fabulous, remarkable, excellent, fantastic, amazing and yummy skill points?
  2. Originally Posted By: Spidweb As of the afternoon of February 27th, I have replaced the v101 test with a new test application file. The download link is the same, and the version number on the title screen will be v1.0.1testc. - Jeff Vogel Awesome i can run it too although it still lags here and there and the fight with the vlish was in slow motion. And the game froze at the end, i think its that rare vlish freeze you mentioned.
  3. Originally Posted By: Spidweb Altair - Geneforge 5 will not ever run on your system. You have to have hardware that supports OpenGL. I'm afraid that your video card is way way too old and odd. - Jeff Vogel So no G5 for me... Thanks anyway.
  4. @Jeff Nope x16 resolution doesn't improve things at all. Also i forgot to mention: if i try to quit the game while i'm on fullscreen mode the computer will freeze.
  5. I really don't understand why this game doesn't work and im starting to believe we are dealing with a little problem called: bad optimization. The system requirements are ridiculous and every user that posted here seems to meet them. System Requirements: * PC Running Windows 2000 or later or Macintosh running System 10.3.9 or later. OK * Minimum 800 MhZ processor. OK * 50 MB free RAM. OK * 200 MB hard disk space. OK * 1024x768 screen resolution with 16 bit color (Windows) or 32 bit color (Macintosh). OK Ok we have 10 years old video cards but video cards are not even mentioned in the req.
  6. Originally Posted By: Spidweb Thank you very much for this feedback. I will put some of this information on the support page. One question - How did you reach Graphics Properties? Did you right click on the desktop, or is it a control panel? - Jeff Vogel Thats a good question. It seems this guy: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=104355 managed to enable openGl rendering for my card. But the links are dead and i don't know what to search for.
  7. Originally Posted By: Muumuurator Deniminator Altair -- there were a number of different ProSavage chipsets made under the S3 name. Can you find the model number? For example, the ProSavage PM133, or the ProSavage KM266. From what I can tell, Wikipedia suggests that all the ProSavage models recycled elements of chip models first produced in 1999, but I'm not clear if the article covers all ProSavage models ever made. Presumably, if your graphics hardware is 10 years old, that is the problem... Where can i see that number? I dunno if this helps but here is the dxdiag display tab: http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/257/dxscr.jpg
  8. Originally Posted By: Spidweb Altair: I'm not familiar with the S3 ProSavage. I'd never heard of it before now. If they made it with no OpenGL support or if its OpenGl support broke on your machine, that would cause the problem, but I'm not sure what I can do. - Jeff Vogel I've searched a bit and it seems S3 ProSavage doesn't have OpenGl support. (I'm quite perplexed; i can run for example counter-strike using opengl as render although it looks ugly) I already have the lastest driver which is the last one; drivers are no longer updated for this card. So is there any hope for me?
  9. Originally Posted By: Spidweb All I can say is follow the instructions at the top of the tech support forum. They usually help. 1. Uninstall the game, redownload, and reinstall. Don't skip uninstalling! 2. Download the newest versions of your video card drivers and install them. Do this even if you think you have the newest version. 3. Run the game, go into Settings and set Graphics Extras to "Don't Draw." 4. If you don't have a dedicated graphics card (for example, if you have an Intel chip with a GMA processor), the game will always be a little pokey. Step 3 should help a lot. If this doesn't work, I'm not sure what the issue is. The game was tested on dozens of systems, and the only time speed issues showed up was on Intel GMA graphics processors. Alas, Windows systems can fall prey to a wide variety of unpredictable issues with games. Hopefully the steps above will help. - Jeff Vogel All done no improvement.
  10. I have 2 GB of ram and 10 GB of free HDD memory, Intel Celeron 2.28Ghz, Windows SP3 which should be more than enough. Only 29, mostly system processes running in the background, no antivirus or anything like that. Defrag-ing the hard didn't improve things at all. The problem might be my onboard video card(S3 Pro Savage) but i doubt it since i can run games with graphics way better than Geneforge...
  11. Do I need a high end PC to run this game? Are you sure you put the right sys req ? Because this game lags like...you name it. It took me 5 min to start a new game i couldn't even chose a character. On Fullscreen setting i had to restart the computer because the game won't quit...
  12. Speaking of "slauthering". What happens if you cheat and kill everything you see friendly or not in every area?
  13. I'm a PCer and I was wondering why can't i write stuff in my Geneforge Diary section(where you keep recorded conversations). This would be a nice feature because i tend to leave items in places and i forget where they are(and im sure other people do this too). You might argue that the new inventory system saves you the trouble of leaving items all over the place but the inventory still fills quickly. So im asking if this could be implemented in Geneforge 5?
  14. Originally Posted By: Chirurgery and Alchemy It's often possible to stand just outside of the plant's range and kill it. I never managed to do that. Please enlighten me.
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