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  1. I really have no reason to post at the CRF, and only registered to vote. If the account is deleted due to not posting (which I want to happen) is the vote devalidated?
  2. Remember that the Infiltrator is the same as the Agent.
  3. Originally Posted By: Randomizer It depends upon difficulty level since harder difficulties take longer to do the fights and game completeness to do only the required quests to finish the game or all of them. I was mainly looking for, on average, how long it takes you to finish the game. If you always play on Torment, then that number would be higher. The Lurker's answer is pretty much what I was looking for.
  4. I have another question to ask of you guys (I do that a lot.) How long, on average, would you say it takes to finish each game? (If, for some reason, you want a faction to base it off of- G1- Takers G2- Barzites G3- Shapers G4- Shapers G5- I don't know, Rawal(ian) if that is a faction)
  5. I am going to buy this game sometime in the next 2 years (probably after I finish 4, which will be after I finish 3, etc.) and I wanted to ask those of you who DO have this game this question- What are the five factions, and will you give a short overview of each one (as in, who the leader is, what they believe in, what their goal is, how they seek to achieve that goal)? And yes, I do realize that there is the Most/Least Ethical Faction thread. This is a different question.
  6. Personally, I would actually use a canister in real life. I would probably get addicted to them, and kill anyone who gets in my way of another one. ...I like power.
  7. Originally Posted By: The Mystic Come to think of it, that type of learning might be useful in the real world. Would've helped me in high school and college. That would(have) help(ed) us all at high school and college.
  8. I picked #3 because I just love "pawning" my enemies for some extra cash at a "pawn" shop.
  9. (I still haven't found my 3.0 book) You could just make canisters minor artifacts, and use that system for how rare they should be. (Unless you are/have a DM that does this-- DM- "Ok, you find another Hand of Vecna" Player- "But I already have 4 of them! How many hands did this guy HAVE?!")
  10. Originally Posted By: Brock The Archmage canister effect adds level of Sorcerer, please discuss? or adds a spell to the spell known list? The main problem with the D and D system as opposed to any other system is the fact that level determines the effectiveness of you magic, by far much more than any innate talent or special training you may have. so maybe add an EFFECTIVE level in your casting of a certain kind of spell when using a canister? But some spells aren't affected as much (as they should be for that use) from equivalent level. For some spells, you might have to have a canister add TWO effective levels or even THREE effective levels, to make them worth it for the "arrogance". Or, just to solve the problem, don't have canisters! (Any other class could be ruined if they use a canister- How would canisters affect them?)
  11. (This shall be the post I edit when I find my 3.0 book) The reason I am suggesting you use in-game classes to achieve your Shaperie ends, is that you want to make sure that the class won't be over/under-powered when compared to Monsters of your CP and other classes of your equivalent level.
  12. (Everything I say is assuming you are playing AD&D 2 or DND V 3) You could just make a wizard/sorcerer focusing on Conjuration, and use the Summon Monster skills primarily. I'm going to need to go check my books to confirm it. Making your own class would be quite weird, but if you get REALLY creative, you could make a Prestige Class (DND V 3/3.5 only ((I assume)) ) that gives special abilities to coincide with the Summon Monster skills. I shall go check my DND books EDIT: Right now I can't find my 3.0 book, but if you happen to be using AD&D 2 you can make a Shaper-esque character, if you choose a Specialist Wizard that specializes in Conjuration, and learn ANY skill that starts with Summon, or is the spell Monster Summoning #. Apart from that, since I don't feel like browsing the 300 spells at the back of the book, you can also pick any spell that resembles a spell you can cast in Geneforge. That could get you SIMILIAR to a Shaper, you just wouldn't be able to make Geneforge-specific creations. (You could just pretend that the monsters you are creating are the Geneforge equivalent, but I don't know what you would call them if you spawned Kobolds.) When I find my 3.0 book, I shall keep you posted.
  13. Originally Posted By: liptonbuddy Cool, cool...About how long did it take if you don't mind me asking? I'm itching to cross that stupid chasm... Well when I asked for another code for one of my games, it took about a week if I remember correctly.
  14. Just in case you guys haven't read enough from the G5 page, this is a quote which tells you what side won G4- "And now, years into the rebellion, the war has settled into a gruesome stalemate." Clearly Trakovite, yes?
  15. Okay, I just got the unaligned ending (you go on the sailboat, you accomplish nothing) in G1. I was wondering- I seem to recall multiple people mentioning that this ending is the most "correct" one to lead in to G2. But if that was true, wouldn't the fact that Trajkov was in the middle of taking over the Shapers be a big plot element in G2? So, a more correct ending would be one in which you kill Trajkov, then escape on the sailboat unaligned immediately afterwords right? EDIT: I had an extra comma in there.
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